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7 hours ago

That’s My Shit.. while we sippin’ @teremana ...” 🔥🥃✊🏾 Truthfully, I didn’t know this artist @onlydyve until he posted this. But I’m all about delivering quality and this dude has a quality and flow that I 💯 co-sign and support. Keep being the hardest worker in the room and keep chasin’ that greatness. See ya at the top, brother 👊🏾 #Repost @onlydyve ・・・ "While we sippin Teremana" New Track out. Shoutout @therock for making some amazing tequila. Link in my Bio -That's My Shit #teremanatequila #therock @chloebennet #chloebennet

9 hours ago

A grateful mahalo to you Brie for this INCREDIBLE 100% free hand gift that will now hang in my office. And thank you to ALL THE ARTISTS who have shared and connected their incredible talents with our Teremana brand. You are all our “Mana Ohana” for life. #ManaOhanaArtists #Teremana #TequilaOfThePeople 🥃

10 hours ago

Here comes trouble. I’m a pounder 👊🏾 and a grabber. Appreciate you all making our @nbctitangames the #1 show on Monday nights🥇🙏🏾 Enjoy the show! Monday’s @8PM on @NBC . #titangames

19 hours ago

This BMF (Bad Motherf*cker ) Title just arrived and displayed in my office. A gift from my brother @danawhite and the @UFC . Good timing. @gamebredfighter vs @usman84kg Huge fight. Strong card. Can’t wait. I appreciate and respect all the fighters’ inspiring efforts as the show must always go on. #gamebred #nigeriannightmare #ufc251 #fightisland


This was a nice surprising call to get this morning. JUMANJI’s still going strong. First of all, THANK YOU. Secondly, I’m always grateful to see our JUMANJI having that unique, fun magic and mana for families around the 🌍 to enjoy. Our entire team will work even harder to make the next JUMANJI the best one yet. #showmeyoursmolder 😉💪🏾


🔥🔥 👟 🥃 Check out the amazing details on these dope custom @teremana @nike ’s “hand crafted and aged” from @sneakermechanic . Great job, brother - mahalo!! I’ll take size 15’s 😉👊🏾 #teremana #thepeoplestequila


Grateful to see everyone enjoying their smooth @teremana 🥃🥃 Appreciate ALL the awesome vids from you guys and a very HAPPY 72nd BIRTHDAY to you, my friend. This ones for you - salud’ 🥃 #teremana #tequilaofthepeople


So cool to see y’all loving your smooooth @teremana . And some creativity thrown in 😂👏🏾👊🏾 #teremanatuesday #tequilaofthepeople 🥃


Put the Tere with the Mana, it’s the spirit of the earth 🌍🥃 Appreciate you @tennbuick with that smooth @teremana flow 🎶👊🏾 Enjoy your mana, brother. #teremanatuesday #teremana #tequilaofthepeople 🥃

2 days ago

Raising a Teremana toast to all our ‘mana ohana’ — stay healthy, my friends. I raise this glass to you and your families - enjoy your summer! DJ 🥃 #teremanatuesday #teremana #tequilaofthepeople

2 days ago

Here’s a snapshot of what the world could and should be one day. Embracing, supporting and loving of all people. Good people just trying to live a good life and be the best versions of themselves they can be. Mitch, thank you for your efforts and especially, your trust. You epitomize a philosophy I try to live by daily, which is - the most powerful thing we can be is ourselves. Chin up, always. Love & respect - DJ #normalizeequality @nbctitangames

4 days ago

Happy 4th. Let’s work. #rage #beinspired ⚡️

6 days ago

Considering the year 2020 has already been for us - we’ve earned ourselves some decadent satisfaction. This holiday weekend, EVERYday will be my cheat day 🤣🤦🏽‍♂️ Enjoy your families, fireworks & cheat meals, my friends. Salud’ 🥃🍰💥 #dontcheatyourself #treatyourself #nomnomnom

6 days ago

Crazy of a year as it’s been, theres much to be grateful for this July 4th weekend and I’ll be right there you raising a Teremana toast to gratitude. Huge mahalo to one of our awesome ‘Mana Ohana’ bartenders @jesse .l.peterson for servin’ up the mana love. Enjoy your holiday weekend with your families 🥃🇺🇸 #teremana #drinkofthesummer #tequilaofthepeople

2 weeks ago

One of my favorite vids - check my boy saying “tell him brother” in that classic pro wrestling voice 😂👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👊🏾 Appreciate @izzya .skew & the brothers with the @teremana love. Enjoy your Mana and always remember, IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT YOU THINK 😉 #teremanatuesday #tequilaofthepeople #nojabronis 👊🏾🥃

2 weeks ago

Tradition is born out of sacred repetition ✊🏾 Appreciate this #teremanatuesday shout from @deebo_eye . Enjoy your @teremana 🥃 #ancestralroots #newbeginnings #tequilaofthepeople

2 weeks ago

I’ll take “that’s so smooth” and “that shit good Rock” all day long 🤣👊🏾 Appreciate @mrkdawson22 and all our @teremana Mana Ohana raising their glasses! I’m right there with ya 🥃 #teremanatuesday #tequilaofthepeople

2 weeks ago

Shout out to my @teremana Mana Ohana enjoyin’ the summer as best we can 😉👊🏾🥃 #teremanatuesday #tequilaofthepeople

2 weeks ago

It’s ok to talk about it. We all talk. It’s fun to talk about goals and dreams. But the conduit that turns talk into real success is action. Hard work. Relentless hard work. Applied to all aspects of life. Stay hungry and healthy, my friends. #twohandphilosophy #sacredrepetition

2 weeks ago

Big mahalo to our Mana Ohana @hotelbelair staff for this awesome @teremana Mamarita surprise. The employees @hotelbelair & @bevhillshotel are very hard working rockstars and you’ll always have our love and support. Salud’ 🥃 #work #lilefforts

2 weeks ago

Tonight on @NBC . Father to son - believe you can achieve. @nbctitangames will always be one of the most gratifying events I’ve ever produced. Platform for people to push thru and achieve. Enjoy the show. TONIGHT @8PM on @NBC . #TITANGAMES @sevenbucksprod

2 weeks ago

When the eggs and buffalo are steamin’, it’s a good mornin’. Enjoy your Sunday. 🍳🐃 🤙🏾

2 weeks ago

Great unity has emerged in the face of our global health pandemic. TONIGHT at 8PM EST on @NBC , I have the honor of hosting what is shaping up to become one of the biggest and most important, concerts of all time, the @glblctzn #GlobalGoalUnited concert. Bringing together our world’s leaders to fight to normalize equality and create equal access for healthcare for those impacted by COVID-19. We are change agents with a responsibility to bring people together, and to make a difference. Leaders don’t divide, they unite. Join me TONIGHT at 8PM on @NBC . #GlobalGoalUnite ✊🏾

2 weeks ago

Through gratitude, love and laughs, through heartbreak, pain and tears — @jonbrandoncruz has been there to shoot it all. To tell a story. From the heart. With mana. With soul. Thank you for your talents, brother and cheers to you being an inspiration to all young filmmakers out there that anything is possible. #7bucks #hardestworkersintheroom #journeycontinues ✊🏾🖤