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And last but certainly not least, DAY 6... “We said yes to marrying our best friend. It’s the sweetest thing to be passionate about the exact same things and get to share in all of those experiences together. We know we can conquer anything together, so we’ll keep saying yes and choosing each other every day.” - @karijobe + @codycarnes ❤️ We have gotten to know these two and hear their story of how they met. It’s a pretty cool story. God knew what He was doing. They both are gold. They are the best at encouraging and celebrating others. What we love about this couple is their honor for each other. They actually love country music and grew up on it.🤠Team Carnes for life. (SWIPE FOR NEXT COUPLE ) ********************************************************** “There's unconditional love there. You hear that phrase a lot but it's real with me and her [June Carter]. She loves me in spite of everything, in spite of myself. She has saved my life more than once. She's always been there with her love, and it has certainly made me forget the pain for a long time, many times. When it gets dark and everybody's gone home and the lights are turned off, it's just me and her” - Johnny and June 🌙 I believe we will be friends with this couple in heaven. Kate: My Grandma loved Johnny Cash (she said Cash, in her Kentucky southern accent ) and I love that I grew up with the same admiration for Johnny and June. Their love might have been a little reckless at first but loving someone in their worst and sticking around for the long haul is what it is about. When we saw the movie “Walk The Line”, there was a phrase in it that the record label told Johnny, “if you were on the side of the road in some ditch about to take your last breath, what song would you sing?” That has stuck with us since. So here’s to love, heartache, joy, loss, and everything in between. We will continue to write songs like YES for the rest of our lives. #keepsayingyes #YES

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Day 5 of the YES series... “Yes to friendship. Yes to intimacy. Yes to forgiveness. Yes to forsaking all others. Yes to trust. Yes to forging our own path. Yes to putting each other first. Yes to your worst and yes to your best. Yes to the rest of our lives.” - @kaileydickerson + @russelled 🙏🏼 Sheesh, you sure that you aren’t a songwriter, Kailey? We love these two. Hearing about their story really speaks to us about not giving up and doing things with excellence with what you have. You can sense that they will never give up on each other either. Cheers to people like them. 🍻Much love. (SWIPE FOR NEXT COUPLE ) *********************************************************** “We put our faith in God and our hope in a future we can’t see.” - @roryfeek (Joey + Rory ) Although we didn’t know this couple, I loved them from the first time on the show Can You Duet. We followed along their musical journey and their life. Sadly, Joey isn’t on earth anymore but their love will carry on to anyone who hears their music or watches their incredible movie about life to the fullest. Their farm is something we would love to have one day...Something about that simple life 🏡 Yes for better and for worse. #YES #keepsayingyes

4 days ago

DAY 4... “YES—Three little letters. One big word. Finding a person to say YES to the good days...the bad days, the what day is it? days (and everything in between ) is by far God’s greatest gift.” - @laneycrowder + @coreycrowder 🌾 We met this couple 2 years ago. We became friends and the more we heard about their life, the more inspired we became. They are pioneers in their circles and they have been together since high school, now with two rad kiddos. They have cheered us on in many ways. Love y’all tons! (SWIPE FOR NEXT COUPLE ) *********************************************************** “We wanted more than just a promised covenant to each other on our wedding day, so we say yes daily because we want to actually keep liking each other too.” - @aehicks0627 “We say yes because we love this marriage and are on the same team in all parts of our lives.” - Paul 👊🏼 The first time we met them was because we were hired to sing in their wedding. We quickly became friends and they were in OUR wedding. They pretty much counseled us and always told us and still do, “STAY STRONG”. They are solid and rooted deep. Team Hicks for life. #keepsayingyes #yes

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Day 3... “We knew we were meant to live as one. There was always something we had so deeply in common that only God could knit together.” - @alexm_white + @drakewhitestomp We met these two last year and immediately they were fam. Their story of what they have gone through this past year while NEVER giving up is the most amazing thing. Since we met them we have watched dreams come to life for them and we can wait to see what the rest of life has for the Whites. Love y’all big. (SWIPE FOR NEXT COUPLE ) ********************************************************** “We both had hard hearts and hard no’s on the table for so long towards the Spirit. Simply put, we each loved our sin more than we loved Christ. Our meeting one another was a work solely done by the Spirit. Jesus graciously yanked us from ourselves and to one another...Which in turn caused us to run to Jesus ferociously. There’s no one else I wanna run towards eternity with. So that’s why he’s my yes.” - @springlfulp + Travis Fulp 🔥 Well ain’t that just life giving? Every time we get to hang with these two we are inspired by who they both are. They have twin boys and another son. Watching them be parents and still be so in love is dang awesome. And they love Jesus AND they ain’t afraid to talk about it. We love them. #keepsayingyes #yes

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Day 2. Keep saying YES... “Jay and I said yes because of our compatibility. My strengths are his weaknesses, his strengths are my weaknesses. We were the perfect puzzle pieces for each other ❤️” - @fancycompton + @mrezreach We love these two. Katelyn grew up with Haley and it has been the best watching their relationship and getting to know Jay. They have such a drive and whatever they do, they kill it. The way Jay loves Haley is gentle yet powerful. We are for them, forever. (SWIPE FOR NEXT COUPLE ) ************************************************************ “We said Yes because we knew it would be worth it every day... That’s how you keep writing a story... finishing every page with Yes...” - @miafieldes + @jorendunnavant ❤️ Something that sticks out is the year Mia met Joren, she told us THAT year she was meeting her husband. They both speak things out before they happen. It’s intentional and contagious. Joren also does everything with intention, which is why he remains a great friend to Derek. Gold finders is what they are. Mia also co-wrote YES with us. #YES #keepsayingyes

1 weeks ago

It’s been 2 weeks since our song YES released. And well, we have been together 12 years so we are honoring 12 couples this week who have said YES that we truly admire. We have asked them each to give us a sentence about why they said YES. To start off, here are two couples that we love tons. “Discovering we were each other’s safe place - a place full of mutual respect, honor and a desire to genuinely champion one another, made our yes the easiest yes.” - @nataliegrant + @bernieherms ❤️ These two are full of integrity and humility. It’s pretty obvious that their fearlessness comes from Who they trust in. We also love what happens when it’s just the two of them making music. 🙌🏻 (SWIPE FOR NEXT COUPLE ) ************************************************************ “We said yes because there’s nothing better than spending forever with your best friend.” - @morgancrossonschofield + @i_am_mylen 👊🏼 These two are steady and always positive. We have known them their whole marriage and it’s pretty obvious when you are with them that they are something special. #YES #keepsayingyes

2 weeks ago

It starts out with the small things that we have in common, not really being able to put our finger on why this attraction is there, but let me tell you, its because they have something you don’t. Saying YES to someone that compliments you this way has a completely life-changing benefit: You get to love each other where you’re at, and change together. We are more like each other now…I’m way more outspoken and willing to take the lead, while Katelyn has dialed some things back and is so thoughtful and confident (she’s a passionate woman, y’all ). We still argue about where things go in the dishwasher, but everyone gets that and we get to spend the rest of our life figuring out whether the damn forks go upside down or right side up : ) Cheers to saying “YES,” y’all! Just my two cents. -Derek (SWIPE TO SEE ARTWORK BY @livyjeanne )

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Having a beachin’ time. Celebrating “YES” release with a week at our favorite spot on 30A. Drop a 🤠 if you have listened to the song. If not, then link is in the bio.

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This turned out magical. The lighting was perfect that day at @whitewoodhollow 🙏🏼 We love this version mixed by @superbuck and big thanks to @seanhagwell for getting creative with us during quarantine. "YES" Acoustic music video OUT NOW. Link in bio

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New Spotify cover look who dis? FRESH 🤠✨ @seanhagwell

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Some of our favorite lyrics in “YES” // LINK IN BIO, y’all 💃🏼🕺🏼

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11 things we would say to anyone getting married cause you said YES: 1. Fight for intimacy. Especially in the bedroom. 2. Let your pride down and be the first to say sorry. Forgive until you forget. 3. Take your gal on a date once a week. 4. Be ok with your spouse loading the dishwasher different than you.😂 5. Let your spouse tell a story differently. Details matter, but it’s ok if ya don’t tell it the same. 6. When he forgets to flush the toilet, flush it for him and laugh it off. (Lord help me, haha! )💩 7. When she spends a little extra on those shoes she wants, don’t get mad. It’s ok every once in awhile. 8. Grass ain’t always greener on the other side, it’s green where you water it.👊🏼 9. Don’t complain, ask how you can help instead. 10. Honor each other in the small things. Like makin’ her coffee in the mornings. 11. Listen to what your man has to say. Ladies aren’t the only ones with feelings.

3 weeks ago

“They were words that we meant but, haven’t always kept. So hard to give the things you wanna get. But I do, when you don’t, and you will, when I won’t.” YES 💍 OUT NOW. Link in bio.

3 weeks ago

It’s crazy how the day you say “YES” you aren’t just lightly making a decision. It’s a lifelong commitment. Through best and through worst. There was one time where we had gotten in an argument and I wanted to isolate by myself, so I went in our bedroom and shut the door. @derekdrye came in the room and started to talk to me about what had happened and I could have easily just not responded. But, something in me led me to let my pride down and say “yes” to that moment. I turned over to face him and he gave me a kiss. I kissed him back and in that moment I realized the strength of saying sorry and moving on knowing there isn’t much to say in those moments but to just lean in a little closer. I’ll say YES to him the rest of my life. -Katelyn

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When your single drops... 😎

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“YES”. OUT NOW. Thankful to already feel the love with some official playlists! Spotify’s “New Music Nashville,” Amazon Music’s “Introducing: Country,” Pandora’s “New Country Now” and the fact that it’s currently a “Hot Track” on Apple Music for Country.🤠 We love y’all and couldn’t be more thankful for your support. Truly. #thedryes #yes #linkinbio

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Thank you to the folks at @americansongwriter for a premiere of our song, ‘YES’! The song drops at midnight. We are stoked for y’all to hear it. Link in bio for full article and a listen.

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Celebrating “YES” coming out FRIDAY at a Nashville local spot. 🍦🍦🍦

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There’s a special song coming this week 7.10 #thedryes #yes

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Hope y’all have a great 4th of July. Spend time with loved ones and voice a few things you’re grateful for. We are proud to be Americans. We believe change comes with each of us with our actions AND acts of kindness everyday in the mundane. Much love to y’all. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 #july4th #thedryes

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7.10 ✨ “until the end, that’s what we said” #yes #newmusic #thedryes

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New music and we are SO ready for the world to hear it ✨YES ✨ 7.10 #tildeathdouspart #yes #thedryes

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Fun afternoon catching fish... #thedryes 🐟🐟🐟

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Hangin’ at the OG Dryes house (maw maw and papaw ). What are y’all up to this fine summer night?! 👵🏻👨🏼‍🦳👱🏻‍♀️🧔🏼🥤🍦👌🏻 #dryefam