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2 days ago

Anyone else spending quarantine overbuying unnecessary things online? 🛍

4 days ago

It’s so hot, it’s almost too hot to even go to the beach 😕 What’s the weather like where you are?

last month

This was taken in Paris, right before it turned 12am on New Year’s Eve, 2017. It was just a few weeks before I was officially moving to LA. I had just turned 16 a couple months before and I was terrified. I was leaving my parents, my friends and my home all behind. Australian was where I grew up, and I didn’t know if I was ready to leave. I was soon to be in a completely new and unrecognisable place which was to be named my new home. I cried when I started to hear the fireworks go off and everyone scream “Happy New Years!” because I didn’t know what 2018 was going to be like for me. At that moment I realised that 2018 was going to be whatever I make of it and I was going to make sure it would be my best year yet. Now LA is my home, I’ve lived here for over 2 years and I love it. This July I’ll be off to college and starting new, all over again. I’ve moved so much, whether that was houses, schools, or countries, so for a while I began to build resentment and fear over any idea other than staying put and enjoying where I am for as long as I can. That ended when I remembered how much I value new beginnings, new adventures and all the new things I learn every time I don’t stay put. College isn’t taking me far from LA, but I know a lot of people who are leaving home, venturing out to places far from what they know and doing it by themself, all for the first time. If that is you, I’m sure you're nervous, maybe even scared and that’s okay. I won't sit here and tell you not to be but I will tell you to embrace those feelings because when you do, it stops becoming a feeling of fear, and starts to become a feeling of excitement. If you want something to happen, only you can make it happen. Make this journey, your best one yet 🖤

last month

I’ve been binging so much tv, comment any recommendations you have below ❣️🧚‍♀️

May 2020

I put makeup on to sit on the couch all day

Apr 2020

Appreciating how beautiful the weather has been lately 🌞 How have you all been doing?

Apr 2020

I miss outside 🥺

Apr 2020

People have consistently told me that I have a rbf and this old photo just confirmed that for me but I promise I’m nice 👉👈🥺

Mar 2020

During this unfortunate time it’s important to stay optimist. I know you have probably seen a million posts from people talking about how we need to continue to smile and stay positive, but I’m just here to remind you to do so. Everyone is going through a lot right now, but we can’t continue to focus on the negatives. 2020 has been an extremely tough year for many people, but we need to remember that not everything last forever, even though it may feel that way. We will get through this together! I pray that you, as well as your loved ones, are all happy and healthy ❤️

Mar 2020


Mar 2020

Where’d my thumb go? :/

Feb 2020

I almost forgot what I looked like when I was blonde, until I found this photo just now 🖤 Have you ever dyed your hair?

Feb 2020

Who else gets that reoccurring feeling throughout the day, to turn their phone off and go on a last minute road trip?

Feb 2020

Letting my @lu .goldie sunnies, shade me from all the Valentine’s Day dummies 🖤

Feb 2020

I wish I was still in Italy 🇮🇹 If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would you choose to be?

Feb 2020

Meet Bambi ❤️ She stole my heart

Feb 2020

Almost feels like summer 💞

Jan 2020

When I moved last summer I was so excited to start fresh and begin decorating! I’m still putting some things together, here and there, but @rugsamerica really helped me in the process and I never got to give them the credit that they deserved for assisting me in personalise my new place... really giving it that “home sweet home” vibe. Thank you @rugsamerica 🙌

Jan 2020

I read something today that hit me hard... “And I believed that she hid her heart on a peak of the highest mountain away from those too weak to make it to the top” - r.h sin (And no I’m not in Paris right now, although I wish I was. This is just a photo from New Year’s Eve of 2017/2018, right before I first moved to LA )

Jan 2020

I hope your week has been good so far : )

Jan 2020

Hey, so... this is my favourite human ever @sophie .richardd and we have a long distance, best friend, relationship 💕

Dec 2019

I cannot believe 2019 is over. 2 years ago I wouldn’t have been able to even imagine being where I am today. I am nothing but thankful for all of the amazing, fun and even difficult parts of my 2019 and I look forward to seeing what opportunities, obstacles and exciting things 2020 has to offer. Happy New Years eve, I hope everyone’s 2020 is amazing! 🥳 ❤️

Dec 2019

Greenery 🌴

Dec 2019

Something a bit different ✂️