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3 days ago

A behind-the-scenes look of our new short film, "The Way Forward", that was filmed entirely on the new #SonyAlpha a7S III full-frame camera. The director of “The Way Forward”, @curtismorgan shares, “For me, shooting with Sony cameras is about more than just the tech. It’s the family. Being a part of the Sony culture and community, getting to know the team and seeing the passion behind the people at the company has made me feel more and more excited to go out and tell stories. Surrounding your self with good people and sharing great experiences with game changing tech, that’s what it's all about. For me, that’s my way forward.” (Watch "The Way Forward" full short film in our link in bio! ) #BeAlpha

5 days ago

Sony Alpha Films presents “The Way Forward”, shot on the new #SonyAlpha a7S III: “What is creativity to me? I guess you could say it’s my oxygen. It’s how I breathe. It’s how I speak. It’s how I communicate. It’s how I look at the world. Creativity is necessary. It’s the difference between living and existing. When I have a camera in my hand, it’s when I feel most comfortable. When I’m out exploring, out shooting, that’s when I feel most at peace. Maybe now, more than ever, storytelling feels like it really means something. When there is no income, when there is no job, when there is no project, what does a camera mean? What does it do for you? It still gives you some sense of purpose. Every once in a while, something comes around that changes the way we see the world. In many ways, that is what the world needs more of…It needs more of your perspective, your vision. And when you find other people that share that vision, that’s when you’ve found your family.” #BeAlpha Featuring members of our #AlphaFamily : Tobi Shinobi ( @tobishinobi ), Chris Burkard ( @chrisburkard ), Garrett King ( @shortstache ), Tiffany Nguyen ( @tiffpenguin ), Renan Ozturk ( @renan_ozturk ), Taylor Rees ( @taylorfreesolo ), and Jessica Santos ( @missjessbess ). Film directed by @curtismorgan .

6 days ago

ANNOUNCEMENT: Introducing the all-new #SonyAlpha a7S III – this long-awaited addition to the Alpha 7S line features a host of impressive video recording capabilities including 4K 120p and 10-bit 4:2:2 color depth, a brand new 12.1MP back-illuminated full-frame image sensor with ultra-high sensitivity and 15+ stop wide dynamic range, a new heat-dissipating mechanism enabling over one-hour of 4K 60p movie shooting, dual slot relay recording, a new and improved autofocus system and menu system with touch screen interface, side flip LCD screen and so much more. Be sure to visit our link in bio to learn more! (First image courtesy of @timbuz ) #BeAlpha • • “We are always listening to our customers’ feedback, pushing hard to deliver innovation that goes far beyond their expectations. There is no better example than this new camera. Combining classic S series sensitivity with a feature set, performance level and user experience that is simply unmatched in the market today — at any price level — the Alpha 7S III opens up a new world of possibilities for today’s creators.” - Neal Manowitz, Deputy President for Imaging Products and Solutions Americas at Sony Electronics

2 weeks ago

Don't miss your chance to ask street photographer and #AlphaCollective member @so .shauna all of your questions about photography and creativity in today's #CreatorConversations . Swipe through to explore a series of @so .shauna's images, read below for a short description, and comment below with your questions about photography and creativity for @so .shauna! • • "These are some of my favorite images from my trip to Japan with #SonyAlpha in 2019. This was one of my favorite trips to date, as I fell in love with the country and it’s culture. Being able to travel, and experience different connections has been so inspiring to me, in so many ways. And being able to capture those moments to share with others, makes it even more special. I truly look forward to the day I am able to start traveling again." #BeAlpha

2 weeks ago

Today, we are excited to announce that @APNews —one of the most trusted news organizations in the world—will equip all global photo & video journalists exclusively with Sony imaging products. The Associated Press has journalists in nearly 250 locations in 100 countries, and delivery of Sony product will begin immediately. • Swipe through for a series of powerful imagery from @APNews photographers and read below for a short description of each image. Visit our link in bio to learn more! • 1. Segasira, a silverback mountain gorilla, Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda. 9/2/19 a9 Sony 100-400mm F4.5-5.6 GM OSS (AP Photo/Felipe Dana ) 2. Diver Lenford DaCosta cleans up lines of staghorn coral inside the Oracabessa Fish Sanctuary, Oracabessa, Jamaica. 2/12/19 a9 Sony 16-35mm F2.8 GM (AP Photo/David J. Phillip ) 3. AP video journalist Renata Brito covering protests at the Spain-France border. 11/12/19 (AP Photo ) 4. A man rides a horse through a bonfire as part of a ritual in honor of Saint Anthony the Abbot, the patron saint of domestic animals, San Bartolome de Pinares, Spain. 1/16/219 a9 Sony 55mm F1.8 ZA (AP Photo/Felipe Dana ) 5. Georganne Moline competes in women's 300-meter hurdles at the Weltklasse Zurich Inspiration Games, Walnut, California. 7/9/20 a9 II Sony 400mm F2.8 GM OSS (AP Photo/Ashley Landis ) 6. Protesters light their torches during a peaceful rally in central Hong Kong's business district. 10/14/19 a9 Sony 35mm F1.8 (AP Photo/Felipe Dana ) 7. AP photographer Felipe Dana on a plane above Manaus, Brazil. 5/19/20 (AP Photo/Felipe Dana ) 8. An athlete competes during the qualifications for the men's long jump event at the World Athletics Championships, Doha, Qatar. 9/27/19 a9 Sony 12-24mm F4 G (AP Photo/David J. Phillip ) 9. Thousands of candles are arranged in the shape of the Milky Way to celebrate Tanabata, a Japanese star festival, at Zojoji Temple, Tokyo, Japan. 7/5/19 a9 Sony 16-35mm F2.8 GM (AP Photo/Jae C. Hong ) 10. With their faces hidden under woven straw hats, traditional Owara dancers walk along Kappabashi Street at the Tanabata festival, Tokyo, Japan. 7/6/19 a9 Sony 24-70mm F2.8 GM (AP Photo/Jae C. Hong )

2 weeks ago

Photographer @ck_outside shares a couple of tips and tricks for capturing stunning lighting images 👉 "Lightning can be tricky to shoot, since the storms move fast and there’s no way to frame the bolts in advance. I generally find an interesting foreground element and use a wide angle lens." #SonyAlpha a7R II Sony 16-35mm F4 16mm f/5.6 25 sec ISO 100 #BeAlpha

2 weeks ago

Today we are excited to announce the expansion of our #SonyArtisan of Imagery program. Please join us in welcoming these four talented photographers and creators — @jermainehortonphotography , @tomayiacolvin , @keshalambert and @andy_mann . Swipe through for a series of images from our newest members and read below to learn more about each #SonyArtisan@jermainehortonphotography is a Chicago-based wedding, portrait and sports photographer. His passion for telling his subjects’ stories has garnered him clients throughout the country, feeding his love of travel and his drive to create. • @tomayiacolvin , EdD is a teacher, senior portrait photographer, author and photography educator based in Houston, TX. She is currently on a mission to celebrate diversity in photography. Working with conferences and workshop organizers, Tomayia aims to bridge the color division and to include voices that are missing from the photography industry. • @keshalambert is an international wedding and portrait photographer and speaker based in New York. Fordham Law School graduate and Lawyer admitted to practice in New York, Kesha’s fascination with visual storytelling and love inspired a career change and a focus in weddings. Genuinely curious about life and the people she encounters, Kesha has had the honor of personally documenting hundreds of weddings to date for couples from all over the globe. • @andy_mann is an Emmy-nominated director, two-time Telly winner, @SeaLegacy Senior Fellow, @NatGeo photographer and marine conservationist whose imagery is helping tell the story of our rapidly changing planet. Having worked on all seven continents, Andy’s imagery is remarkably memorable, reminding us how the emotion of an image can touch our spirit.

3 weeks ago

Astrophotographer and #AlphaCollective member @stanmoniz shares this stunning shot of Comet #NEOWISE as well as some advice on how to capture your own ☄️ “Comet NEOWISE is here! Captivating the world and putting a smile on everyone's faces, NEOWISE is now officially visible in the evening sky. If you haven't had a chance to photograph it yet here's your chance! Look toward the NW right under the Big Dipper from now until roughly the end of the month. I captured this image in Joshua Tree National Park with the brand new Sony 12-24mm F2.8 GM, wide open at 12mm! I've had the privilege to test out this highly anticipated piece of glass over the last few days and can't stress enough how much joy it's brought to my star gazing adventures. It hasn't come off my a7R IV since its arrival. It's just mind bending how the engineers could create a lens with such high caliber sharpness at the furthest corners with little to no chromatic aberration. Hands down, this is a astrophotographer's dream come true set up.” #SonyAlpha a7R IV 12-24mm F2.8 GM #BeAlpha

3 weeks ago

7.28.2020 👀 #BeAlpha

3 weeks ago

#Photographer and #SonyArtisan @andy_mann on the new 12-24mm F2.8 GM lens 👉 “The lens was just really easy to use, particularly at night. When I went to manual focus, there's a really clear indicator that shows the focal length. Between the sensor and the f/2.8 maximum aperture, it lets in enough light that the focus peaking is reading stuff in pitch black. I could manually focus on anything in my screen in pitch black – I thought that was incredible. For me, it’s a game-changer.” #SonyAlpha a7R III 12-24mm F2.8 GM #BeAlpha • We want to see what you're creating with your #SonyAlpha gear. Share you favorite images using #DiscoverWithAlpha and tag us ( @SonyAlpha ) for a chance to be featured.

4 weeks ago

Photographer and #AlphaCollective member @missjessbess shares her thoughts after testing the new 12-24mm F2.8 G Master lens ✨ "The 12-24mm f/2.8 G Master gives me what I need all in one lens now! I don’t have to change lenses, I can just shoot with this from blue hour through to the Milky Way. I was specifically looking at the coma, since wide angle lenses all have coma and too much of it will ruin astro shots. I incredibly impressed that this 12-24mm G Master has much less than I ever hoped for...almost none at all. It’s just super sharp. I pulled my images up on the computer to edit them and I was amazed with just how sharp they are." #SonyAlpha a7R IV 12-24mm F2.8 GM #BeAlpha • We want to see what you're creating with your #SonyAlpha gear. Share you favorite images using #DiscoverWithAlpha and tag us ( @SonyAlpha ) for a chance to be featured.

4 weeks ago

#CreatorConversations : Today we are joined by photographer, filmmaker and #AlphaCollective member @micanthony_ who will be answering YOUR questions in our comments section. Swipe through to check out some of his work and read what he has to say about staying creative 👉 "Last year I started transitioning from being primarily a photo-maker to a film-maker. Seasoned filmmakers know the hours of work that can go into even a 1 min clip, so in my downtime between projects, I needed a simple way to flex my creative muscles daily. With the rise of vertical video platforms like IGTV and recently TikTok, I launched #micanthonyhay moments, a vertical documentary video series. My goal was to make wide establishing shots on the streets I walk on that allows me to show others how I see the world, while also leaving an open interpretation of the video’s narrative to the viewer. • Since the lockdown enforced a few months ago, I was amazed at the comfort some viewers found in the clips of nostalgia I had to share. The video I made of Times Square caused some to express their need for the human connection they used to get on the train, at school and work. Some in disbelief that it ever got that crowded in the first place. We took so much for granted and now we know what it’s like to live without it. I don’t think we’ll ever be the same. I’m curious to know how the videos make you feel. See more on my TikTok channel @ micanthony. I’m looking forward to your questions about my work." #BeAlpha • • Check out a series of videos from @micanthony_ and be sure to comment with your questions for him about photography, film-making and creativity!

4 weeks ago

Introducing the all-new 12-24mm F2.8 G Master Large-aperture Ultra-wide Zoom lens — the World’s Widest Zoom with a Constant F2.8 Aperture. The 12-24mm F2.8 GM is compact and versatile making it perfect for shooting landscapes, astrophotography, architecture and more! Swipe through to see some of the first images taken with the 12-24mm F2.8 G Master lens. • “It is important for us to continue to push boundaries in the industry to develop the best tools for our customers. By extending our range of G Master constant F2.8 zoom lenses out to 12mm, we are excited to see how these new innovations will help our customers create like never before” - Neal Manowitz, Deputy President of Sony Imaging Products and Solutions Americas • Visit the LINK IN BIO to learn more 👆 #SonyAlpha #BeAlpha • • 📷 by: @nateinthewild @missjessbess @nateinthewild @jnsilva @keshalambert @kathryn_dyer @andy_mann @chrisburkard @starvingphotographer

last month

Photographer, artist, creative director, co-founder of @SeeInBlackProject and #AlphaCollective member @JoshuaKissi kicks off today's #CreatorConversations and shares more about the #SeeInBlack project 👉 “Historically, Black people have been on the receiving end of the camera lens as the subject matter. The gaze by which we were viewed was not ours. Now, it’s vital that we are narrators of how our stories are told and how we’re seen. Last month I formed #SeeInBlack with 80 Black photographers to raise money in light of the growing Black Lives Matter movement. Our Mission: To uplift and invest in Black visibility. Through the sale of highly-curated prints from Black photographers, we raise funds that support five key pillars of Black advancement: civil rights, education/arts, intersectionality, community building, and criminal justice reform. Today, I’m excited to share some of my favorite images as well as images from several @SeeInBlackProject contributors. I’m looking forward to answering your questions in the comments!” • • Swipe through to see a collection of images from @JoshuaKissi and several @SeeInBlackProject contributing photographers. Be sure to comment below with your questions for Joshua!

last month

Today's edition of #CreatorConversations features talented street photographer and #AlphaCollective member @monaris_ (Paola Franqui ). Swipe through to see a collection of images from Paola and hear her thoughts on staying creative 👉 "The world has changed so much in the last couple of months, but I believe as humans, we’ve changed too. The way we live and work looks very different than it did just a short time ago. My instinct has always been to be productive, but throughout all of this, I’ve learned to take a moment to pause. This unexpected downtime has allowed me to make room for self-care, especially because I was always so busy before the crisis. More importantly, if there’s anything that I’ve learned, is that it is okay for me to take time to focus more on being present than being busy right now. And please know, if some of you are feeling alone, I’m here for you. We might not know one another personally, but I want to believe that we can all come together and help each other navigate through this. After all, we’re in this together. I’m hanging out in the comments to answer any questions you may have or just stop by to say hello" • • Be sure to swipe through to explore some of @monaris_ 's favorite selects and ask her all of your questions about photography and creativity in the comments below!

last month

Photographer @julianthomas_ shares how he captured this dreamy morning at Sparks Lake, Oregon last summer ✨ "Early mornings with friends, always. Woke up early to practice presence with the stillness of the early morning. For this perspective I walked out on the rocks and got low for a more interesting foreground. Getting low has always served me well when looking for a different perspective." | #SonyAlpha a7 III | 24-70 GM | 52mm | f/6.3 | 1/100 sec | ISO 100 | #BeAlpha

last month

In today's edition of #CreatorConversations , we are joined by talented concert photographer and #AlphaCollective member @gregnoire who shares his thoughts on the power of photography 📷 "Photography, for me, is entirely about accurately conveying emotions. Whether it’s an artist on stage or a subject in-studio, our jobs as photographers are to precisely tell stories perceived through the eyes of the individual wielding the camera. The great thing about shooting live music is that each component of the performance is a vital part of telling a complete and honest story. From the tears of an audience member hearing their favorite song from the artist they pretty much grew up with to the insane set design that was custom created for this performance ⁠— it is all a crucial part of visual storytelling within this space." • @gregnoire also share what he packs in his kit when capturing those can't-miss moments: "In terms of gear, I’m currently rocking an a7R IV and a7R III. I dual wield my cameras in the photo pit so that I can switch to a different lens by picking up the other camera instead of clumsily fumbling around my lens belt and missing a crucial shot. Speaking of lenses, for live music, I typically use my 70-200 2.8 GM and 24-70 2.8 GM/16-24 2.8 GM, but I’ve recently purchased the 135 1.8, and I am smitten. This lens has already earned an eternal spot in my pelican case." #SonyAlpha #BeAlpha • • Now's your chance to ask @gregnoire any of your questions about photography or creativity in the comments below!

last month

#CreatorConversations : Photographer and #AlphaCollective member @tobishinobi shares some of his favorite selects and his thoughts on staying creative in the year 2020 👉 "2020 was supposed to be ‘The year’ for so many. Had many people saying to me how this was gonna be the year that they went on ‘that’ trip or learned how to do some skill, take a break, get into shape and then... well you know what happened next because how could you not. • We’re not even halfway through the year and we’ve had wildfires, Kobe’s gone, Covid19, murder hornets, a resurgence in support for the Black Lives Matter Movement in the wake of protests against police brutality and more. It’s been a lot. I don’t blame some people for wanting to climb back into bed and calling it a day until 2021 but another suggestion is to perhaps take some of that energy and put it into something creative. • I have often found spending time behind the camera cathartic. With everything that’s going on it’s important to remember to take some time for yourself. If this period has shown us one thing, it's that there are many ways to be creative. You could start a YouTube channel, make scenes with miniature figurines, or photograph a protest. Just try to be kind, be thoughtful, and definitely wash your hands..." • • Swipe through to see this full series highlighting @tobishinobi 's work. Tobi will be jumping in the comments section below, so feel free to ask any questions you might have related to photography and staying creative. #BeAlpha #SonyAlpha

last month

Sharing an image today from Sony Artisan of Imagery and wedding photographer @keshalambert . Here's some background behind her thought process to capture those once-in-a-lifetime moments on wedding day. "Throughout the day there are many special micro moments like this – the makeup finishing spray – that repeat across almost every wedding that I photograph. Learning when to anticipate these small moments is critical for creating images that truly stand out. Knowing that at some point during prep this spray would happen, I put together a two light setup; one light to create rim and backlight the mist and another as fill. For sharp capture of both the bride and the moving fine particles in the air, I used the a9 II and Sony 85mm GM, a combination I am currently obsessed with. I have always loved trying to document the moments of quickly unfolding magic on wedding day, it’s a challenge that never gets old for me.” | #SonyAlpha a9 II | 85 mm F1.4 GM | f/3.2 | 1/200 sec | ISO 640 | #BeAlpha

last month

Since its invention, photography has been a powerful tool for communicating ideals and values. Photography inspires us and fosters empathy that transcends borders, language and socio-economic conditions. Through the camera and lens, the photographer captures history as it’s happening, freezing moments so that they will forever be a record of our collective experiences. • Over the last two weeks as citizens all over the world have taken to the streets to raise their voices, the enduring power of imaging is made plain. Social media and Instagram in particular, have enabled photographers around the world to amplify the voices of demonstrations large and small. • Now more than ever, we recognize the importance of using our platform to highlight photographers in our community who are capturing these defining moments and reminding us, above all else, that we’re all in this together, and together we'll find the way forward. #BlackLivesMatter • • Photo credit in order: 1. @dane .isaac 2. @monaris_ 3. @asheh 4. @jordana .joseph 5. @gregnoire 6. @illkoncept 7. @dane .isaac

May 2020

#AlphaCollective member and photographer @stanmoniz shares how he shot these amazingly beautiful bioluminescence waves at night 🌊 "It’s been seriously a great time testing out new and creative ways to capture this rare bioluminescence event taking place along the California coastline. At one end of the spectrum I decide to take to the water with the a7S II, pushing my water photography to somewhere I’ve never gone before by extending the camera ISO to 10,000. Yep I said it 10k! I’ve never done this before in the surf and because of this, the outcome was definitely a shocking one at that. The a7S II is clean! At a higher ISO and a aperture of f/1.4 I was able to slow down this waves at 1/10th of a second to give it just enough of that sense of motion. And on another night. I utilized my a7R III to capture a number of high-res images of this blue glow crashing up against a reef timing it just right with the rise of the Milky Way core. Creation is endless if You have a open mind. | #SonyAlpha a7S II and a7R III | #BeAlpha

May 2020

Introducing the all-new Sony ZV-1, a compact camera designed to meet the needs of today’s content creators of all skill levels. This new, light-weight camera combines an optimal design form factor, including a side flip-out LCD screen and easy-to-hold grip, with easy-to-use features, such as a Background Defocus function, a Product Showcase setting, Face Priority Autoexposure, and a front facing record light. The Sony ZV-1 also has industry-leading autofocus capabilities and uncompromising audio options including a newly designed onboard directional 3-capsule mic, an MI shoe, a 3.5mm mic jack, and an attachable windscreen. Visit our LINK IN BIO to learn more! (Grip sold separately ) #SonyZV • • “Sony’s new ZV-1 was purpose-built to meet the needs and demands of today’s video creators. We are always listening to our customers, and this camera is the result of direct feedback from our extended community. Featuring an innovative design plus many new technologies, settings and modes, it will allow creators to make content in ways they have never been able to before.” - Neal Manowitz, deputy president of Imaging Product and Solutions Americas at Sony

May 2020

A series of images shared by lifestyle photographer, storyteller and #AlphaCollective member @shortstache who will be hosting today's #CreatorConversations AMA. Garrett kicks off today's conversation by sharing his thoughts on the importance of taking a break to maintain creativity 👉 "Throughout this isolation time I've constantly challenged myself to stay busy and productive, but more importantly I've stopped to take time and rest. This time of rest has allowed me to dig deep and ask myself if I'm fulfilled in life. Are you fulfilled in what you're doing? Could you be doing less or more? That happy medium is everything in life. Take that moment to pause and check-in with yourself. It's good for your soul and your mind to reset. What has kept you sane in this moment of chaos? " #BeAlpha #SonyAlpha • • Swipe through to see some of @shortstache 's work and be sure to comment with your photography-related questions!

May 2020

Today we are joined by street photographer and #AlphaCollective member @stevesweatpants who shares this powerful series of black and white images. If you know anything about @stevesweatpants , you'd know the love he has for his hometown of New York City, a city currently severely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Swipe through to see this collection of images of shared by Steve that were captured both before and during this pandemic. • Here are some words from @stevesweatpants that shares insight into the passion he has for his city and how he documents responsibly: “There’s so many cliches about New York that you can fill bound volumes. But what it’s like for me, is something more like a community living in the moment. We do everything we can to not only survive, but to make sure we have stories to tell for generations to come. To me it’s almost one of those situations that is so simple, that I don’t know what else to say sometimes. Taking the moniker of a photographer, you’re a documentarian. So no matter good or bad, happy or sad, my sense of purpose is to document the times. It’s something that I embrace on a full spectrum of what my hometown has to offer. It’s important to exercise common sense and pay attention to your environment at all times. Wearing a mask, and gloves is signs that your showing you actually care about humanity on top of your own safety." • Here is some more from Steve, and don't forget to ask questions in the comments section below! "Gear wise, I always keep it light and it’s more important to be aware of that now. Understanding your gear, will allow you to focus on your subjects and environments, rather than technicality. So I’m here to not only share some techniques and skills I have picked up along the way, but also to share the stories and creation behind each image. People from the ‘hood leave the block too.” • • Now's your chance to ask @stevesweatpants your questions about photography and creativity in the comments!