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We are dedicated to protecting the wild salmon jobs and communities of Bristol Bay, Alaska from the proposed Pebble mine.

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21 hours ago

Light the fires and join us this THURSDAY at 5pm PST for the national livestream of Mark Titus’ film, featuring the people of Bristol Bay and the region’s biggest advocates. @thewildfilm . Tickets for the livestream of the film and panel discussion (featuring our friend @aprilvokey ) are sold on a sliding scale, with proceeds coming back to our efforts to stop Pebble. . www.evaswild.com/screenings/the-wild-aug6-tu . #savebristolbay #alaska #bristolbay #nopebblemine #wearebristolbay #evaswild #thewildfilm #digitallivestream #lightthefires #stoppebblemine #sockeyesalmon #redgold

3 days ago

Senator Joe Manchin (WV ) clearly knows mining and the importance of responsible resource use. Swipe ➡️ to read his full statement. . Thank you, @joemanchin , for standing up for a place that so many Americans depend on. . #bristolbay #savebristolbay #nopebblemine #pebblemine #responsibleenergy #alaska #congress #thankyou #senatormanchin

3 days ago

CONGRESSIONAL UPDATE . Today, the U.S House of Representatives passed a funding bill that includes an amendment that would block the Army Corps from issuing a record of decision on the Pebble project. Thank you to amendment cosponsors @rephuffman , @defazio4oregon , @jackiespeier , @repmikelevin and @repharleyrouda , and the 212 other representatives who voted to pass the bill. . Now, the bill will go to the Senate, where it’s future is uncertain- the same legislation must be passed by the Senate and signed by the President to stop Pebble. It poses a good reminder of what Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski said last October, that the Pebble project must go through thorough and robust review, and that of concerns from the Draft EIS aren’t addressed, the Corps shouldn’t issue a permit. . Alaskans- Senator Murkowski and Senator Sullivan need to hear from you. Bristol Bay supporters in the Lower 48- your Senators also have an important role to play. Signing the petition in our bio will send a cc’d note to your Members of Congress. . Sign every petition. Call all of your elected officials. They need to be hearing from all of us in the next few weeks. . #savebristolbay #nopebblemine #bristolbay #pebblemine #congress #alaska #takeaction #wearebristiobay #speakout #speakup

5 days ago

How this permitting process works: . 🕰 Army Corps releases the Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS ) for Pebble- this happened last Thursday. . 🕰Army Corps has to wait at least 30 days before they can issue a permit to Pebble giving them the green light to move forward. . 🕰The President has between NOW and when a record of decision is issued to direct the Army Corps (remember, @realdonaldtrump is their boss ) to tell the Corps to deny Pebble’s permit. . He knows that this issue is important to sportsmen and women, but he needs to hear it from all of us- AGAIN. If you signed the petition earlier this spring, thank you. Please head to the link in our bio to sign the NEW petition. If you’ve already signed, share this post or tag 3 friends in the comments and ask them to sign too. . We will keep you updated as we learn more about the timeline for the decision, but until then, the clock continues to tick for Bristol Bay. . #savebristolbay #nopebblemine #wearebristolbay #tellpresidenttrump #bristolbay #alaska #ihuntifishiopposepebble #pebblemine #troutunlimited

6 days ago

“If that’s the best they can do, they should be fired.” . That’s Alannah Hurley, Bristol Bay resident, Yup’ik woman, and Executive Director of @unitedtribesofbristolbay commenting in a @nationalfisherman article on the Army Corps’ failure to address concerns from tribal agencies, state and federal agencies, and the general public. . The Corps has lost their opportunity to do this process right. We now need the President (the boss of the Army Corps ) to step in and make the right call when it comes to safeguarding the $1.5 billion fishing industry, 14,000 jobs, rural America and one of the most prized sporting destinations on the planet. . TAKE ACTION through the link in our bio. . 📸: @happynguyenflyfishing #savebristolbay #nopebblemine #bristolbay #pebblemine #wearebristolbay #fishalaska #unitedtribesofbristolbay #troutunlimited #wildlife #landscape #wildalaska #alaska #native #indigenousalaska #indigenouspeople

1 weeks ago

Technical experts dug deep in to the Final EIS for Pebble this weekend a gave a read out on the press conference this morning. Here are some of their findings. . “Any conclusions about the downstream impacts of the mine are not technically defensible.” -Richard Borden, mining and permitting expert and former Rio Tinto employee. . “No one who is actually looking at this proposal actually thinks the mine proposed is what would actually be developed. No one in their right mind would leave 90% of the ore body in the ground.” -Dr. Cam Wobus, hydrologist and senior scientist at Lynker Technologies . “The Army Corps dismisses impacts to fish. The FEIS falls short of minimum requirements for addressing impacts to stream flow changes...this is a total misrepresentation on the impacts to salmon.” -Dr Gordon Reeves, PhD Fisheries Science . “In meetings on cultural resources, staff from the Corps openly argued with tribal leaders about locations of cultural significance.” -George Alexie, President of Nondalton Tribal Council . “This is a theme of the EIS. The Corps is merely taking the word of the applicant. These irregular ones in the process give rise to legal challenge.” -Matt Newman, attorney with @nativeamericanrightsfund . If you’ve been waiting to see the permitting process play out to get in the fight, it’s time to get back in. Link in bio- take action by telling the President that Pebble’s permit must be denied. . Photo: Tosh Brown #savebristolbay #nopebblemine #bristolbay #pebblemine #alaska #peoplenotpermits #fishalaska #birds #conservation #wearebristolbay #science

2 weeks ago

🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨 We’ve been waiting for over a year, and now we have it in front of us.The Final Environmental Impact Statement for the proposed Pebble mine was released today by the Army Corps of Engineers. . Inside the document? A confirmation that Pebble will impact 191 miles of streams and over 4600 acres of wetlands- 185 miles and 3,841 acres of which will be permanently impacted. Not inside the document? A full analysis of the science of just how much Pebble will impact Bristol Bay- meaning these impacts are largely underestimated. . With the release of the FEIS, the countdown has started. The Army Corps could now grant Pebble their key federal permit in as early as 30 days. Please join us in reminding the White House that American businesses depend on Bristol Bay and that Pebble’s permit must be denied. Head to the link in our bio to take action today. #savebristolbay #nopebblemine #bristolbay #pebblemine #pebble #alaska #troutunlimited #troutunlimitedalaska #alaska #conservation #wearebristolbay #redgold #stoppebble #notherenotever #fishalaska #sockeyesalmon #bristolbaysockeyesalmon #permitprocess #peoplenotpebble

2 weeks ago

🗞’BRISTOL BAY REMAINS LONE BRIGHT SPOT FOR SOCKEYE HARVEST ACROSS STATE’🗞 . That headline ran yesterday in @alaskajournal , reporting that as of July 20th, Bristol Bay fishermen had landed 35.8 million sockeye. . Commercial area management biologist Tim Sands said “we’re looking at the fifth-largest harvest in the Nushagak District ever...” . With the release of the Final Environmental Impact Statement tomorrow, we must remember that Bristol Bay is the best of the best. These strong runs are made possible by healthy habitat, clean water, and sound fisheries management. Pebble is incompatible with the Bristol Bay fishery, and is not the future we see for Southwest Alaska. . 📸: @wilclaussen #savebristolbay #nopebblemine #bristolbay #pebblemine #alaska #commercialfishing #stoppebblenow #wearebristolbay #redgold #sockeyesalmon #conservation #notherenotever

2 weeks ago

Last night, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake rocked the Alaska Peninsula just south of Bristol Bay. . Across Southcentral and Southwest Alaska, tsunami warnings were triggered and communities fled to higher ground. By morning, tsunami warnings were lifted, and rattled Alaskans returned to their ‘normal’ routines. . But imagine if a wave of water wasn’t the only thing Alaskans had to worry about? Imagine being terrified that billions of tons of mining waste would flow through dams they were promised would withstand Alaska’s high seismic activity. This is what Alaskans will face if Pebble is permitted and developed. . Pebble’s plans say their technology can withstand a 6.5 magnitude earthquake- meaning last nights earthquake could damage tailings dams, wastewater treatment facilities, pipelines and more to the point of spill, leak or the worst case- total failure. . It’s this risk that we say no to. Not here, not ever. No Pebble mine. . 📸: @timromanophoto #savebristolbay #nopebblemine #bristolbay #pebblemine #alaska #earthquake #seismicactivity #wearebristolbay #redgold #sockeyesalmon #tailingsdam

2 weeks ago

Have you seen ‘The Wild’ yet? 🐟🎥 . Mark Titus’ 2019 film brilliantly showcases Bristol Bay and in the final stages of permitting, how we can come together to save what we love. . While the film team intended to take the film on a national tour this spring and summer, they are now bringing the film directly to you in your home. Join us on ⭐️ AUGUST 6th at 5pm PST ⭐️ for a digital screening of ‘The Wild’ and panel discussion with film luminaries. . Tickets are sold on a sliding scale and proceeds come back directly to @troutunlimited ’s Save Bristol Bay campaign. Buy yours at evaswild.com/screenings/ the-wild-aug6-tu. . 📸: @thewildfilm #savebristolbay #nopebblemine #pebblemine #bristolbay #wearebristolbay #thewild #redgold #alaska #fishalaska #sockeyesalmon #troutunlimited #thebreach

2 weeks ago

Waiting to dig in to the Final Environmental Impact Statement like this eagle with its catch 🦅 . This Friday. We will see the final review document for Pebble’s phase one plan. We will report out the substance of the document. . Stay tuned for the next call to action. . 📸: Tosh Brown #savebristolbay #nopebblemine #bristolbay #pebblemine #eagle #wildlife #alaskaeagle #wearebristolbay #salmon #fish #conservation

3 weeks ago

🚨NEXT FRIDAY🚨 . The Army Corps of Engineers said a final environmental impact statement (FEIS ) is scheduled to be released a week from Friday, July 24th. . We saw the Preliminary FEIS back in March and noted that it lacks essential scientific studies and background data, and is based on a project that continues to change. Alannah Hurley from @unitedtribesofbristolbay commented, “it’s safe to assume the FEIS will be an inadequate assessment that completely underestimated the impacts of this project on Bristol Bay.” . Our technical team will review the FEIS as soon as it’s released and will share updates as we have them. In the meantime, stay tuned and wait for our next call to action. . 📸: @timromanophoto #savebristolbay #nopebblemine #bristolbay #pebblemine #alaska #feis #stoppebble #wearebristolbay #alaskafish #alaskafishing #fishitwell #trout #troutunlimited #troutunlimitedalaska

3 weeks ago

Let’s talk about how Pebble would impact food security in Bristol Bay. . For thousands of years, the Yup’ik, Alutiiq and Athabascan people of Bristol Bay have consumed 2.4 million pounds of wild salmon each year. While fish is a primary staple in a Native family’s diet, they also harvest berries, caribou, moose, marine mammals, ducks, geese and wild plants. The vast majority of these households harvest as much as 50,000 pounds of non-salmon fish to supplement their diets each year. . For those who don’t live in Bristol Bay, remember that this region is off the road system, and there aren’t always grocery stores for them to swing by to pick something up if the freezer is empty. What is harvested is what fills bellies all year long. It’s one of the many things that makes this region (and rural Alaska ) unique. . This harvest is made possible because of clean water and healthy habitat. Pebble threatens to harm a food system in itself, putting nearly 8000 people at risk. . It’s (AGAIN ) why we say no to the Pebble mine. People over Pebble. . 📸: Ben Knight #savebristolbay #nopebblemine #alaska #bristolbay #pebblemine #wearebristolbau #unitedtribesofbristolbay #bbnc #brownfolksfishing #fishalaska #indigenous #nativemovement #bristolbayalaska #sockeyesalmon #subsistence

3 weeks ago

Let’s remember- even if everything were to go absolutely perfect, no spills, leaks or problems - Pebble’s phase one plan would still destroy 185 miles of salmon streams and 4000 acres of wetlands in Bristol Bay. . Swipe ➡️ to see just how big we are talking when it comes to Pebble impacts. . 📸: @bryangregsonphotography Graphics: @connellidesigns . #savebristolbay #nopebblemine #bristolbay #alaska #pebblemine #alaska #stream #wetlands #troutunlimited #salmonhabitat #cleanwater #troutunlimited #wearebristolbay #redgold

3 weeks ago

“The Bristol Bay fleet has caught at least 2 million salmon every day since July 5th, with the highest catch being just over 3 million on July 6th. After Saturday’s catch the cumulative harvest for 2020 stood at 23.5 million fish- 7% more than the average since 2012.” -KTUU reporting yesterday. . The Bristol Bay fishery continues to thrive because of clean water and healthy fish habitat. We will not allow Pebble to ruin this. . 📸: @wilclaussen #savebristolbay #nopebblemine #bristolbay #pebblemine #alaska #commercialfishing #bristolbayfleet #fishitwell #thealaskalife #fishalaska #wearebristolbay #bristolbayallday #commercialfishermenforbristolbay

4 weeks ago

Fish are coming in hot in Bristol Bay! 🔥🐟 Each year they come back with the same message- Pebble is the wrong mine for the wrong place! . 📸: @minke_43 #savebristolbay #nopebblemine #bristolbay #wearebristolbay #alaska #fishalaska #subsistence #redgold #alaskansagainstpebble #fishitwell #bristolbayallday #stoppebble

4 weeks ago

WHERE WE STAND. . Thank you for submitting comments, attending (in person and digital ) events, and writing letters- please stick with us and keep speaking up- it’s about time to turn up the heat for Bristol Bay. . Once the Army Corps releases the Final Environmental Impact Statement, we will need to do all we can again to ensure this permit is denied. Stay tuned for the next call to action. . We are grateful to have a lot of brands and organizations working on fighting Pebble these days. If you have questions about the latest information or are unclear about the organizations behind the various efforts to stop Pebble, feel free to DM us or email @troutunlimitedalaska stars at any time (mbarker @tu .org ). . More soon. . 📸: Tim Romano #savebristolbay #nopebblemine #bristolbay #pebblemine #alaska #thealaskalife #wearebristolbay #troutunlimited #troutunlimitedalaska #redgold #fishitwell #conservation

4 weeks ago

@troutunlimitedalaska teamed up with @fishalaskamagazine in their virtual sportshow to bring you an update on Pebble. Tune in to ‘Think Outside’ to see other Alaska fishing seminars and to win prizes, including Bristol Bay fishing trips with @nushagakriveradventures , @beartraillodgealaska @naknekrivercamp , @katmaitrophylodge . Head to @fishalaskamagazine or think outside.fishalaskamagazine.com! . . #savebristolbay #nopebblemine #alaska #fishalaska #huntalaska #thealaskalife #bristolbay #pebblemine

4 weeks ago

“I don’t even know how many hours of public testimony I’ve sat through on this subject whether in Anchorage or Homer, and person after person gets up- 75% of the people who took time to come down and tell the Army Corps of a Engineers. It’s not just greenies, it’s not just people who oppose everything. It’s Alaska Natives who are fighting for their salmon, it’s your typical crusty Alaskan who gets up in the coveralls and says ‘I’ve been in Alaska for 40 years- I’m not opposed to development but I am opposed to [the Pebble] project’.” . Good words from bear guide and President of @friendsofmcneilriver , @drewhh on @thearticulatefly . . Head over to @thearticulatefly to give it a listen! . 📸: @drewhh #savebristolbay #nopebblemine #bristolbay #alaska #pebblemine #alaska #bears #wearebristolbay #articulatefly #bearguide #guidelife #bearsofcookinlet #friendsofmcneilriver #mcneilriverbears #redgold #tourism #bearviewing #fatbears #fatbearweek #katmainationalpark

4 weeks ago

Who else smiles when they see a ‘No Pebble’ sticker on a car (or plane )? . Check out our story highlight for how to get your sticker today (or head to www.savebristolbay.org ). . 📸: @happynguyenflyfishing #savebristolbay #nopebblemine #bristolbay #alaska #flyoutalaska #flyfishalaska #wearebristolbay #fishingalaska #redgold #offroad #flyfishing #flyfishak #lodgelifeguidelife #iliamna #rainbow #airplane #seaplane

4 weeks ago

Subsistence sub•sis•tence noun: an essential characteristic quality of something that exists; a source or means of obtaining the necessities of life. . 📸 and 🐟 by @natalieromoofficial

last month

#FlashbackFriday to last year when the Bristol Bay commercial fleet set off their emergency flares to signal @senlisamurkowski that they are in danger from Pebble. . A year later, we are still calling on her, @sen_dansullivan and @govdunleavy to stand up to Pebble and listen to Alaskans who have been saying “NO” to the proposal for over a decade. . This Fourth of July, flex your advocacy muscles and call, tag, or write your elected officials and ask them to do everything in their power to stop Pebble. . Tag them in the comments to make sure they see this post 👇🏽 . #savebristolbay #nopebblemine #pebblemine #alaska #bristolbay #wearebristolbay #commercialfleet #bristolbayfleet #bristolbayallday #fireworks #flares #emergency #stoppebble #redgold #alaskansfirst