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Jan 2019

Happy New Year friends and fam! 2018 was a great year and I know 2019 is going to be way better. I started writing for myself again at the end of last year and I’ve shared that journey with you all. I want to continue doing that and I will by the grace of God. I’m excited for the triumphs, testimonies, shortcomings, and moments I get to share with you this year. But alas, I have a dilemma: it’s a goal for me, like in every other year, to lessen my social media involvement while finding someway to engage with people. I’m sure I’ll have seasons and periods where I go awol often, as well as times where I can’t stay off the Gram. I’m gonna master this IJN. But one way that may help me in terms of limiting my Social Media-ing is having friends who help push for you. I’ll be dropping content through Medium and eventually my own website throughout the year, and would love for you to stay apart of it by subscribing. By doing this, you’d be notified of whenever I released some new content and are able to help me share any content posted that you like. You know “it takes a village...” I don’t know how to do these things well, but I’m asking for help 😅. If you’re in tune with what I’m writing, and want to continue being in tune regardless of my social media involvement, do subscribe. You can go further by sharing my links as well. With that being said, link in the Bio takes you to my medium profile. Check out any of last year’s post you haven’t gotten to check out yet. And don’t forget to subscribe! Thank you and God bless!