2 weeks ago

the key to life is to improve the quality of your problems. ⁣ ⁣ the quality of our problems, what? hear me out: it’s fun to imagine that, one day, when we have absolutely everything we ever wanted, that we’ll no longer have problems because all of those will be solved by what we will have in our lives then that we don’t have now. the only issue with that mentality is that problems themselves evolve, yes, but they don’t actually disappear. for example, when i was looking for my now partner, the problem i wanted to solve was my loneliness and the uncertainity that i might never find him. after finding alan, i don’t have those problems anymore, of course, but i now have the issues of arguing with my partner when we disagree, having to stop myself from subtly trying to control him (anyone else? 😅 ) and dealing with alllll of the family dynamics 🙃. when i was working for someone else, i had to bear getting yelled at for mistakes that someone else had made, but working for myself comes with an entire new set of pressure and responsibility i never could have imagined.⁣ ⁣ i’m not complaining - it’s all so much more than worth it. actually, i like to use it to strengthen my gratitude practice. frustrated that the power goes off unprovoked? that’s the price for living in paradise. pissed off at alan? thank god i have him at all. unexpected bill pop up? i’m so thankful i have the money to pay it. the list goes on and on. i’d rather be annoyed at the sun being too hot than living inside a prepetual downpour. i’d rather then catch myself and be grateful for the heat instead, because that means i’m living exactly where i’ve always wanted to live.⁣ ⁣ life, for the most part, is subjective to our perspective. what annoys you and how can you be grateful for it today?




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2 weeks ago