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@parkthevan @c3mgmt // Chris Thomas 👇pre order our upcoming album ‘Once Upon One Time’ our October 23 on @parkthevan 👇

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2 days ago

Have you heard? Something is stirring. Are you the right fit? Find out now. Please enjoy “THE RIGHT FIT” our newest current with your audibles and your oculi. Share with those close to you and give us a call at 615-965-4122 to let us know what makes you the right fit for OkeyDOkey!!—-🦕

3 days ago

you can now pre order our upcoming album ‘Once Upon One Time’ on our bandcamp. We will also be announcing community bundles curated by us to pair with this fine album very soon. Link in bio sweet family 🌈 art direction and craft by @smilelikethewindboy and @plasticdiamonds

4 days ago

Our first single “The Right Fit” from our upcoming album ‘Once Upon One Time’ is out everywhere today and is premiering at @americansongwriter with a video directed by @plasticdiamonds 🔮 link in biooOoOo We were lucky enough to work with @cee_taylor to make this lovely tune and who we now consider a very special member of our community. We are also thankful to be releasing this new album with @parkthevan who took a gamble on working with some quiet little Tennessee boys with mildly wacky ideas. Hope you enjoy 👌

6 days ago

Chemical trails, solar flares, magnetic drift? Something is happening. As we are now approaching disclosure, the first wise guy speaks. @tonyhawk first appeared to us via astral projection, and to you now through conscious video. Enjoy. Breathe. Project. Wear a mask. Take a few off. -🦕

1 weeks ago

3 days until our first song as a community comes out. Word on the street is we have received some helpful tips from the shred god himself, so we will share with you all tomorrow 📡 love you community family ❤️

2 weeks ago

We release our first song as a community on 7/29 via @parkthevan 🌈 it was mixed and co-produced by @cee_taylor of zee heartthrob group @grizzlybear ❤️ tag your pals for a chance to win a secret gift.

2 weeks ago

Okey... what actually IS happening? Word of our community is spreading out into the universe to some interesting people 📡

2 weeks ago

8 more days...

3 weeks ago

A casual day in our thoughts room at the compound. Enjoying the mind bubbles of our community appointed head of cinematography @plasticdiamonds 📡 photo by @localopenerband

3 weeks ago

To everyone who has signed up to join Okey Dokey at the link in our bio, we truly appreciate it and can’t wait to show you our new compound and everything else we’ve been working on. Less than 2 weeks 🔮

4 weeks ago

Happy Birthday Dearest Friend @smilelikethewindboy ❤️ 📸 by @plasticdiamonds

4 weeks ago

We don’t have too much time. We wanted to at least briefly explain what we are feeling and doing. Welcome to phase 2 of Okey Dokey 🌈

4 weeks ago

Announcement Tomorrow. Should Help Clear Some Of This Up, But Probably Not... 🔮

4 weeks ago

7/29 want to guess what it is?

4 weeks ago

See Y’all On The Other Side 🔮

4 weeks ago

@gedgata gets it. Are you on board? This week we announce what we’ve been working on and growing into. #okeydokeygang

4 weeks ago

A message from your new family. We love you, and we are here for anyone and everyone that needs help ❤️

5 weeks ago

From rags to riches. Sadness to happiness. Lost to found. We are asking that anyone and everyone who hasn’t signed up to be a part of Okey Dokey sign up in our bio before it’s too late.

last month

Even though we are no longer just a band, we have been working non stop to make sure that we bring something positive and good into the world this year. 2020 has been such a shit show. Everyone deserves a little pick me up. Hopefully this year we find a cure for racial inequality, COVID-19, a horrible national leader, dirty cops and bankers, and overall sadness. We know it’s no cure, but it’s possible that we’ve made new music. It’s possible we made a lot. It’s also possible we release it all this year. Possible. We will be finding various ways through it all to help wherever we can. Love you ❤️

last month

We told @_markcluney what we are up to. Shortly, we will tell you all what we are up to as well. Bigger. Broader. Inclusive. Family.

last month

Going to start planning community gatherings across the country for 2021. Will be going to as many cities as possible to make up for this strange year 🌎🌏🌍 love you all and see you soon ❤️

last month

England! News of our new community has spread fast. We are hearing word of new members popping up daily. 🔮

last month

We decided to reschedule updating everyone on what we have been up to so that all focus could be on the more important issues in our world. We will get back to you when the time is right 🔮

last month

“Oking your Doke” is the phrase of the summer thanks to @youaintpackinmeat