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last month

Sending a small package of gratitude out to @jcohen_34 for this video. If it wasn’t for you my friend, I would’ve never known. Also a huge THANK YOU to Americas Got Talent @agt for allowing me the honor and privilege to have a lil’ bit of a cameo on the Grandest Stage. Appreciate you🤙🏽

last month

A little message from me, to all of you. Hope all is well, and hope to see you soon. Much love, Connor

Jun 2020

May 2020

Trying to process and come up with a response to the cruel, heinous act of racism and inhumanity that occurred a few days ago. George Floyd, unarmed, on the ground pleading with police officers; “I can’t breathe”. Words that will forever ring throughout history. We need more humanity, more kindness, and more empathy. My thoughts and prayers are with George Floyd’s family, friends, and everyone affected. All of us as human beings aren’t asking for change, we’re demanding it. #ripgeorgefloyd #blacklivesmatter #humanity

May 2020

Happy Mother’s Day to my wonderful Mom as well as all my aunts and grandmother!!! You have all shown me strength throughout my life and I don’t know where I’d be without any of you❤️ On another note, I reached out to @paulblackthorne to see if he would kindly make a video for my grandmother for Mother’s Day, and as I woke up this morning, to my delight he had. Thank you very much Mr. Blackthorne you made her day!!! Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there and to all the mothers on the frontlines battling COVID-19💙 @serendpty88 @taramazanec @ppfeiffer2 @tutz32

May 2020

Had to break out the chains ⛓ for this sweat sesh. Much needed break from the chaos on the outside. It’s good to recalibrate and take mental inventory especially at a time like this. Just know I’ve got enough anger that I’m working out with for all of you around the world not able to make it into your therapy which is the gym. Very grateful and fortunate to have the means to do what we all love; workout hard and heavy. Hope everyone is staying safe and looking for the little silver linings in all of this. Until next time🤙🏽 Stay hungry.

Apr 2020

First and foremost happy birthday to @paigegumpert I didn’t feel right posting a video about how grateful I have been for certain things happening in my life, but I think now is the right time and I think all of us could use a bit of a break. I’ll be going live tomorrow some point during the day, so if anyone wants to connect and talk I would absolutely love to do so. Hope you all are safe, and I miss every single one of you. ~ Connor🤙🏽

Mar 2020

I hope all of you are safe and I hope everyone is *trying* to stay quarantined as best as they possibly can. I know it’s difficult and I know everything is up in the air in terms of how this is all going to end. But, stay strong, stay happy, and cherish the moments that we have, however long we may have them.

Mar 2020

Whatever happens next, #thankyoubrady

Mar 2020

It’s hard to find words that explain what’s going through my head at this moment. As I’m writing this, I can’t really string together anything that’ll sound decent. I’m not ready but here I go. The last game I played, I broke my ribs during the second half. It hurt, but I continued to play, and I’m grateful that the Big Boss Man let me. My last ever game of basketball is this Saturday at 3, and although I’m getting to play, they are only allowing me in for one play, one last time. Basketball has meant a lot to me, and not just at a competitive level. You may be reading this saying “this is just park and rec basketball” and it is. But for me, the game has always been what you put into it, no matter what level it’s on. Saturday is my last time stepping onto the court, and I hope somehow maybe in every second, I was able to inspire at least one person every time I was out there. I tried to leave everything I had out on the court, every single day I stepped onto it. I will never forget what the game gave to me, and I will forever be grateful to everyone that came out and supported me through all of this. Love you always. Connor🤙🏽

Feb 2020

Dear Basketball, You asked for my hustle, I gave you my heart.

Jan 2020

Happy birthday to my kind and loving sister! No words can describe how proud I am of you, but most importantly, even more proud to be your brother. Hope 21 treats you well. Beers on me🍺 Love you sis❤️

Jan 2020

An icon. A legend. The GOAT. An inspiration to so many including myself. A hero. My heart is heavy. Rest easy, Mamba. #thankyoukobe #GOAT

Dec 2019

Very proud to announce my affiliate partnership with @ryse_supps Gettin’ a 0400 wake up call to go into the gym and get some work done with my brotha in arms💪🏽 @jakep17 has never been easy. But what’s always made it easier is Ryse. Best supplements in the game. It’s an honor to join the team. Like always, let’s get to work. ⚔️ #rysetogreatness

Nov 2019

Wow. Most of these will be in frames soon. It’s been a crazy ride. This weekend was without a doubt the best America’s Got Talent audition that I have ever been to. The atmosphere was incredible. The people were incredible. If you were to tell me that I’d be getting pictures with random people, being filmed by the producers of the show, and much more, no way would I have believed you. Got a funny feeling in my stomach, those butterflies came back again after a couple years. Always good to be back in the city that never sleeps🌃Especially for a moment like this. I mean, where else can I get a view like this? I find out in March if I made it. From here till now, it’s all the waiting game. I love what I do. Always will. This day for me will go down in history, no matter the outcome. Thanks AGT for always giving me something I can rely on. Always brings a smile to my face. And of course, thank you all for pushing and believing in me. Cheers to a good time🥃 ~CF🤙🏽

Nov 2019

New York. Here it is. Been a minute since I’ve been in the concrete jungle🌴0400 wake up call, 2 hour drive, and a hell of a lot of waitin’ in lines. I’ve said this often to anyone that would listen, I would audition 100 times for this show if it meant I got that one opportunity on stage. America’s Got Talent. I’m home🌎 #ineedcoffee #idontdrinkcoffee #butitsnevertooearlyforicecream

Nov 2019

The ‘Ship🏆⚾️⚾️🏆 #godadbods

Sep 2019

I often have a very difficult time talking, or even thinking about this event. Nearly 3,000 people lost their lives on this day, the greatest loss of life from a terrorist attack on American soil in HISTORY since Pearl Harbor. I think it’s important to understand what exactly happened, and what people went through. It wasn’t just an event, to most it flipped their entire world upside down. Most wouldn’t go home to their families that night. Others would be left a voicemail from a relative or a friend, saying that they were in the towers and they’re ok, or in some cases, that they weren’t going to make it. And from watching countless videos and documentaries, I can tell you with confidence that how most people picture 9/11 from how it exactly happened, and the magnitude of it certainly has its differences. It’s important to never forget what happened 18 years ago today, just as it’s important to respect it, acknowledge it, and know how big of an impact it had on the entire country, and the entire world. The first responders; police, medical personnel, firefighters, all deserve more then we could give. That’s why they’re all heroes. #neverforget 🇺🇸🗽

Sep 2019

The redder the better. Good ole pickin’ day here at the farm. My home away from home. Good to get in some relaxation time before hell in the form of CrossFit🏋🏽‍♂️ WOD = Cindy. This was all before the rain of course. Then afterwards, I settle into my other home, my gym here at the farm. Nobody knows this because I simply don’t tell them, but every morning, waking up early, 0400 right on the dot, and going down to the barn to get a workout in and some boxing before school is how it’s done. That’s the key to success is to be an early riser, and I’ve already worked out once before most people get up. It anchors my day. Plus, getting to stare out of the open barn door while the ☀️ goes up is a perfect start to a day. So I encourage you all to find an anchor, hold onto it, and stick with it till it becomes a habit. You’ll be happy you did. Have a great weekend to all. Let the good times roll🤟🏽🥃 #workhardtoplayharder #crossfit #farmlife #country #barndoor

Sep 2019

Time to pray🙏🏼

Aug 2019

Switching gears⚙️ a bit to the fun process of breaking down a script. Lifetime will be having some sort of Christmas movie on their channel, and a character fitting my description is in that film. So, I will be sitting here for the next few hours, highlighting and writing. Honestly, I love what I do. I swear. And I hope this whole video posts to my Instagram cause I have no idea what I’m doing. If any of you sat through this 3 minute long video, thanks for listening and thanks for rockin’ with me all these years that I’ve been going through the rounds of no’s and yes’🥃 Opportunity of a lifetime. Time to take advantage of it🤙🏽 #goingstrong #importanthours

Aug 2019

Been a minute New York🌎 I auditioned 3 times, unsuccessfully might I add, for America’s Got Talent, and all 3 times I didn’t make it. And it was the best worst thing to ever happen to me. I took those 3 no’s and I turned it into fuel, and that’s what you gotta do. In order to do what I love to do, the no’s had to be the reason why I kept going. And I had to believe in my heart, every single day and night that I could do it. It allowed me to grow into the kid too stupid to back down from a fight, and whether I win this fight or not, I’m not staying down. Round 4. AGT, New York, toughest battle I’ve ever had. Let’s get to work🤙🏽 #nevergiveup #justakidfromcheshire #fightofourlives #whateverittakes

Aug 2019

Meeting after meeting. Consistent hard work gains success. It’s been an incredibly humbling, gratifying experience to show just how much work goes into creating not only a film but a story for the audience and the 🌎 to enjoy. Mr Gagliardi, the team and I have put in countless hours of work, and it’s all for you. I’ve said it a million times, but it’s only because it’s true, I cannot thank you all enough. It’s been very exhausting waking up early in the morning, staying up until ridiculous hours, then repeating that cycle again. And it doesn’t get any easier as long film days are right around the corner. But easier isn’t what we do. Another 3 hour meeting tomorrow, and Thursday, and the next day, and the next day. This is what needs to be done in order to bring this little seed we planted to life. I’ll always be grateful. Two men. One locked room. It’s only dirty if you make it dirty😉😂 Let’s get to work🤙🏽

Aug 2019

Script writing sesh in the books. It’s important to have pre production meetings, because it builds the foundation of any film. Our goal is and always will be the same, how the film appeals to the AUDIENCE. All of this is for all of you. Without the hard work from the cast and crew, in no way would this company have been born. “In order to succeed, I have to believe every night that I’m the best.” This company believes that it can one day be the best. And in order to succeed, we have to have that belief. That doesn’t mean to belittle the competition, always respect those willing to do the work to compete. Always shake the hands of your opponents, and make sure to tip your hat to the people in your life that push you to go farther. Always grateful. Always humble. Filming soon. Cheers. #workhard #playharder #respect #tipyourhat #thankyou