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Nov 2019


Oct 2019

hi. welcome to today’s segment of: karly looks nothing like this irl. enjoy.

Jul 2019

i’ve decided that yellow actually looks cute on me and y’all can’t tell me shietttt from here on out💛

Jun 2019

things my sister did: that ✔️🎓 over here geekin bc i know how hard she has worked for this, especially over this last year. had to also hold that degree because y’all know i was the one of the main people she came to with all her problems 🙄😂 peep the last slide to see my father being an idiot. #shoutsouttomysis 🤪♥️

Apr 2019

hi. it’s nearing towards easter n i’m here to make my annual PCA of “don’t fuckin buy ur kids bunnies for easter”. or yourself for that matter. they’re 100% cute (imo ) but they are a lot of work. despite getting marketed as “small pets”, they really aren’t. they need a lot of space to roam around and exercise. they can get expensive with all their supplies (trust me on this ). even their vet bills are pricey because they’re considered “exotic animals” and need specific vets. don’t let this post discourage you from getting a bunny, just do ur research first, talk to someone with a rabbit and see if they’re the right pet for you. if not, i’ve added a couple options at the end of this post if you want a bunny but they aren’t right for you. have a swipe through and see. rabbits come in third for the most surrendered animal in shelters, just after the obvious dogs and cats. either that, or they get sentenced to death by people releasing them in the wild (they cannot survive, trust me on this again ). again, do ur research before making the decision to get a bunny, or any other sort of pet. be realistic about this sort of stuff. they are living creatures. educate others as well! ty for listening✨🐇🐾 #adoptdontshop #easter #bunny #rabbit

Feb 2019

“yooo mans are sayin i’m a cutie pie ahlie” - @wahlidm

Feb 2019

happy 2nd bday to my sunshine 🥳😭 lil guy means the wor- wait, where’s your party hat? how come it’s not on? we are meant to be celebrating here #adoptdontshop

Nov 2018


Mar 2018

I’ve thought about making this post time and time again, and trying to find the right way to get this message across, but why do that when I can lay it out flat? with it being the easter weekend, if you, or anyone you know, is considering getting a rabbit, PLEASE DO YOUR RESEARCH!!!!!!! they’re life long commitments, which involve a lot of dedication, responsibility and at times, money. Rabbits make fantastic pets (I can attest to this fact!!! ), but if you’re not prepared to fully take on everything that owning a rabbit entails, ESPECIALLY IF YOURE GETTING IT FOR A SMALL CHILD, DO NOT GET ONE. don’t get one and then get mad when they chew on your baseboards or cords because you haven’t bunny-proofed your house. don’t get one and realize they’re too much work and surrender them to a shelter, or even worse, release them into the wild because they WILL NOT SURVIVE. do not get one and leave them locked up in their cages, with little to no outside time to stretch their legs. rabbits are the third most populated animal in shelters, only behind cats and dogs, for these exact reasons. do your research and know what you could be getting yourself into. you have no excuse. if you read all of this, thanks. my son, all the other lil buns out there and myself appreciate it, as every year around this time, these are the issues that face these animals. #adoptdontshop #bunny #bunniesofinstagram

Mar 2018

y’all know ya girl was geekin the entire time she was at the zoo yesterday

Feb 2018

happiest of birthdays to my sister ♥️ thank you for always letting me be mean to you and for always being there for me. continue to be the bestest and greatest sister out there. luv u lots💕💕💕 Wig? SNATCHED

Feb 2018

Feb 2018

tbh, nothing else really mattered today other than the fact that my son turned 1 😭😭 I’m so grateful that I impulsively adopted you while I was at work♥️ crazy how much joy one lil guy could bring into my life #adoptdontshop #rabbitsofinstagram #MYSONIS1 🎉

Dec 2017

guess who turned 🖐🏻 today ? 🎈🐈

Dec 2017

I have come to the realization that I totally look like a mom in this photo and i am completely fine with that. I love my son♥️ p.s idk why everyone seems to laugh when I refer to him as my son 🤕😂

Dec 2017

hello all. please enjoy these pictures/video of these puppers I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and working with at school, for my grooming class 🐶♥️🐾

Nov 2017

Oct 2017

cheesy smiles for daysss

Oct 2017

super cheesy but these two little boys make my world go round ♥️🐇🐈🐾 luv my spongebob and Steve💕

Sep 2017

Splish Splash 🌊♥️

Jun 2017

I love my lil bean!!! 💖💖

Feb 2016

Happy birthday to the most amazing sister ever💖 beyond proud of all that you have accomplished and what you've become. Despite you always stealing my makeup, I wouldn't trade you for the world🎉❣

Oct 2015

Happy birthday to the man who drives me up the wall but who I would chose to watch a game of soccer with any day 💖🎉👨🏽

Jun 2015

To the man that can drive me up a wall one second, and in another, can have me laughing my ass off at some stupid joke, he swears only me and him get❤️💫 Feliz Día del Padre👨🏾👨🏾