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Two of my favorite things in one photo 🤩 guess what they are 🧐

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Weeks Falls 51350 SE Homestead Valley Rd, North Bend, WA 98045 You need a Discovery Pass for parking, or cash - I think it's $5. It's a beautiful waterfall with lots of surrounding hikes. After checking out the waterfall, we and our dog play in the water after a little hike. Just be cautious - the rocks are pretty slippery. #watterfall #watterfalls #kingcounty #visitwashington #sammamish #redmond #issaquah #seattle #seattlewashington

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Cheers to seven years of adventures (& counting ) ❤️

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My last post from Seattle until next visit. I wish I had been able to spend a full day at this park at a boozy picnic! Speaking of its been 2 months since my last boozy picnic becuase of the wretched DC heat. Terrible. Am sad. . . . . #seattlewa #seetheUS #seattle2019 #seattletrip #seattlesights #gasworks #gasworkspark #gasworksparkseattle #visitseattle #visitwashington #seattlewashington #parksofUS #USparks

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Maizy's and my first camping trip in the Cascades was a success! 🏔🐾🌲

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My solo travel pictures now became a couple’s travel picture 😂🥰

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Do you see the beautiful mountain with wildflower meadows? It’s Mt. Rainier mountain that erupted 500,000 years ago and marks the beginning of the continuous volcanic rock. Mountain height is about 14,400 feet😍I am at 5,400 feet and enjoying this mesmerizing view. @thevisuals .ig #mtrainier #paradise #washingtonstate #washington #mountains #mountain #flowers #wildflowers #history #landscapephotography #explorer #exploremore #women #womenfashion #shotoniphone #iphonography #westcentral #visitwashington #peace #beautiful #awesomeearth #naturelovers #travelphotography #photooftheday #instagood #instamodel #instamood #instapic #scenic #seattlestyle

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#Repost @drjonkedski • • • • • • Mount Rainier National Park The unfathomable beauty that comes with a 93 mile journey around Mount Rainier is a special process - a special experience. #wonderlandtrail #mysticlake #mountrainier #rainier #tahoma #everesting #jonsjourneys #visitwashington #northwestisbest #ringoffire #volcanoes #mountrainiernationalpark

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Good morning from Washington 🌞

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Y-Yakima **Before I get started on Yakima, please note that it has been hit hard by the Corona virus and although the cases are decreasing, I would wait to visit Yakima at this time as many places are still closed and we want to help them reopen as soon as possible. Did you know that Yakima is the self proclaimed "Palm Springs of Washington"?  Every time we pass the sign it makes me giggle a little because the only correlation between Yakima and Palm Springs that I can tell is the hot weather in the summer. I'll be honest, even though we pass Yakima frequently going between Eastern Washington and Western Washington, we rarely stop.  But there are at least a few reasons to stop at this underrated city.   Yakima is approximately 2 hours from Seattle and 3 hours from Spokane, in the middle(ish ) of the state.  It's is primarily known for being an agricultural area, producing 77% of the all hops grown in the United States and half of Washington state's wine grapes.  Which leads to one of the reasons to stop in Yakima, beer and wine!  There is a craft beer trail including 15 of the Yakima area breweries that you can visit on your own, rent a limo or take a dedicated shuttle or bus. https://www.visityakima.com/yakima-valley-craft-brew-trail.asp If wine is more your style, there are 5 AVA's (American Viticulature Areas ) within 1 hour of Yakima. The Yakima area includes 12 wineries, including one of my favorites in the state, Treveri Cellars http://www.trevericellars.com/. Although many of the restaurants are still closed, a favorite that is still doing curbside pickup is Hernandez Tamales ‪www.loshernandeztamales.com‬.  They only make 3 kinds, pork, chicken and seasonally asparagus and pepper jack cheese, but that lets them focus on doing them very well.  For outdoor activities, it's a semi arid desert climate, so expect hot and dry in the summer, though river activities are popular for beating the heat.  Cycling, hiking, golfing and climbing are also popular throughout the year due to the many days of sunshine.     Have you ever been to Yakima?

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on top of the world w/ u

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The Alfred Harding tomb located in the Resurrection Chapel at the Nation Cathedral in Washington DC. Alfred Harding was the second Episcopal Bishop of Washington, and was de facto Dean of the Cathedral from 1909 to 1916. He passed away in 1923. Both he and his wife are buried in the Chapel. #nationalcathedral #washingtondc #visitwashingtondc #visitwashington #washingtonnationalcathedral #chapeloftheresurrection #cathedral #peacefulplaces #religiousart #alfredhardingtomb #alfredharding #ars_sacra #voodoo_society

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These blue lakes get their turquoise color from the silt that's suspended in it, reflecting the sun's rays back at our eyes. The silt arrives at the water with the help of snow and glaciers, grinding the rocks beneath into a flour, and bringing it downhill into the water. This water looks opaque from up here, but it's crystal clear at the beach. The appearance of the water changes with your elevation and distance from the water as well as where you stand in relationship to the sun. #hikingwashingtonstate #alpinelake #northcascadesnationalpark #hikingcouple #erosion #silt #turquoisewater #bluewater #visitwashington

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Morning picnic on Lake Crescent? 10/10 recommend.

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Trying out night mode on my iPhone on this clear night.

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Build less walls and more bridges.


it was cloudy that day but NOT on my watch check the before & after on my highlight story 🧡


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We just spent several days in the lovely Bavarian town of Leavenworth, Washington. It looks and feels a lot more like Europe than the United States. Spending at least one day in Leavenworth is a must on a road trip through Washington. It's a great home base for visiting wineries, hiking the Enchantments and Alpine Lakes Wilderness, and skiing. . . . . . . . #earthtrekkers #leavenworth #washington #bavaria #beautifuldestinations #visitwashington #usaroadtrip #wanderlust #favoriteplaces #photooftheday #ventureout #neverstopexploring #ilovetotravel #travelideas #traveldeeper #roamtheplanet #goeverywhere #exploremore #travelphotography

May 2020

I guess getting cancelled from work is OK when these are my views instead 🤷🏼‍♀️

last month

I look at moments like this as a time for reflection. But ultimately it’s a time to forget all the horrible things happening past and present and watch nature do it’s thing.

Apr 2020

I promise I’ll never complain about the tourists again ✨🌸

2 weeks ago

Isn’t it so human that we spent centuries believing the entirety of the universe revolved around us? All we are is specks of dust on a pale blue dot hurling through space in a constantly expanding universe, thinking that our mere blink of an existence is more than that: a blink. These moments, standing in the reflection of Rainier at a fire tower during the sunrise - these moments mean nothing to the universe. The mountains here have spoken to me so loudly. The energy I bring is the energy they feel, and they return the favor. An ebb and flow. These moments may mean nothing to the universe, but the connected flow of energy in our universe that this place has shown me has to mean something. Working on figuring out what that is. Single exposure, Mt. Rainier (14,411 ).

last month

The past few weeks have been...a lot. I found I was better off taking a step back from the fervor of social media and instead following the news, educating myself, and most of all listening...off Insta-world. So, after a much needed break, I suppose I'm back to the 'gram--for better or for worse--and recognizing my own privilege in being able to "get back to normal" or whatever we're calling it in a year that is anything but. Anyway, here's the Palouse. It's pretty cool, I like it a lot. A hundred different shades of velvety greens and earth tones!

May 2020

The first place that I ever hiked and will forever be drawn back.