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7 hours ago

Going for that ruggedly handsome look today. #😂 • • • #wendesday #flannel #unshaven #october #rednecksheik #funk #fall #nyc #bored #flannel

3 days ago

Everyone's making furry jokes until the anthropomorphic deer gets thicc [Art Credit - @isabellealbuquerque ]

3 days ago

Przeszczep włosów FUE UNSHAVEN - bez golenia głowy 😍 Jeżeli jeszcze zastanawiasz się czy warto wykonać ten zabieg koniecznie zobacz ten efekt 😍 Dr @slawomirpietuszko 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Zrób pierwszy krok i umów się na darmową konsultację w naszej klinice 🤗 #przeszczepwlosow #fue #unshaven #hairtransplant #sławomirpietuszko #warszawacentrum #przeszczep

3 days ago

The beard game is getting stronger. And grayer. Lol. First time in my life I’ve had an actual beard. #beardgang #beard #unshaven #shedigsit


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4 weeks ago

Help! Should I shave, trim or grow my beard?? #scruff #beard #shave #trim #grow #hairy #unshaven #blueeyes #greeneyes #selfie #instaselfie #gay #picoftheday

Jun 2020

These days, I feel happier and more like myself. There are some challenges I face that I don't really share on social media, but I've been feeling more courageous to share those parts on me with others. I want to bring awareness to certain issues that affect me personally and help others understand more. Because of the issues I've faced, I've stopped posting videos of myself talking about various topics on camera for a while. I think it's something that I want to do again. One topic someone suggested was about why I decided to stop shaving altogether. I think that would be something nice to talk about too.

Jun 2020

If you could choose the way your body looks, would you choose one that grows little to no body hair? If society didn't care about it, would that affect your decision? I think if it were in the past, I would have wanted that. But now, I don't think it matters. I just wish to be treated with respect.

Jun 2020

I think to some degree we will all be superficial or materialistic even in some small way. However, I hope that I can limit that as much as possible. Just as I want to feel love and accepted by others, I want to return that feeling to others too.

Jul 2020

Sunday, unshaven, in my studio, channeling Wolf Blitzer - NYC / 07.26.20 #nyc # #nycstyle #nycstreetphotographer #manhattan #candid #portraits #people #places #things #sunday #unshaven #in #my #studio #channeling #wolf #blitzer

4 weeks ago

I haven't posted for a while. Sometimes, I lose track of time. I'm not really interested in posting photos frequently. I will when I feel like it, like today. 🙃 People ask me why I don't reply to their DMs. For one, I receive lots of messages that it would take up all my time to constantly reply. Also, no one is entitled to a conversation. If I don't feel like engaging with you, I don't have to. If I find your profile interesting or what you say to be something I want to talk about, I might reply, but don't count on it. There was one "fan" who would DM me daily. At first, I replied, but eventually it became annoying because of the content of conversation. So I stopped replying. They messaged me so much that eventually I said something along the lines of, "Hey, maybe you should take the hint that I don't want to talk to you." Yet they STILL messaged me daily. I restricted them so it wouldn't show up in my inbox. Then one day when I posted a caption they didn't agree with, they posted that I was disgusting in the comments. Lol, you really think I'm gonna tolerate you treating me like this? I blocked his dumb ass. Seriously, think about how you behave and treat people. Don't think that anyone owes you shit, because otherwise you'll end up with nothing.