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5 days ago

So, if politics no longer have to be unbiased, neither does my Masters in public health degree. The @cdcgov and the @who are completely corrupt. If you don’t believe me, you can contact me here, or direct message me, and I will provide you with all the peer-reviewed evidence you need. Ive done extensive studies on both organizations. As people who live with chronic or invisible illnesses, you have got to know that MOST medical orgs are not here to help you, heal you, nor benefit you. A patient healed is a dollar lost, and they know it… Theyre advertised as such, but have you ever wondered why they won’t give anyone pain meds anymore to many of us, knowing that’s how we survive daily? But, if they can force you on an antidepressant, it’ll takes 30 days to get in your system and 30 days to get out (if genetic tests arent performed first to determine your starting point ), then they’ve at least ropped you in, instantly, for 60 days(+ ). If they give you pain meds, you might not have to come back for 24/7 monitoring, and it might even be controlled. They consider pain meds short term, but antidepressants long-term, and it makes them more money, along with your MDs ofc, and your insurance company. I don’t care which side of the table you’re on. Unless you genuinely want to live in a socialist, communist nation, you better start doing some research. You don’t have to like @realdonaldtrump , and I don’t have to like Joe Biden. But to live in a state that literally eliminated Trumps Townhall, already means we are seeing the ways in which the lib/dem parties are creating a communist nation of America. What if the same thing had been done to @joebiden ? It wouldn’t, because he’s too busy sniffing the panties of everybody in the Senate and MSM. He’d be a real asset to lose, right? The CDC and the WHO are both shams, and they are being run by liberals who are only out to get your money and country. And you’re letting them. #wakeup #socialsm #communism BTW, @savannahguthrie , Def stand up against white privilege, bc you know more about it than most white people in America. You’re the epitome of a racist, white privileged, #seeunexttuesday . Unfollow me if you need.


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Feb 2020

Hoy una cita de Friedrich Engels ^^

Feb 2020

Esta semana trataremos las cifras como 100 millones de muertos por el comunismo. ¿Son reales esas cifras? Justifícalo ¿En caso de que no lo sean de dónde vienen y por qué? En caso de que haya ¿Cual es la cifra real? Justifícalo

Feb 2020

Hace treinta años, el 26 de febrero de 1990, la Unión Soviética y la República Socialista de Checoslovaquia (hoy República Checa y República Eslovaca ) firmaron el acuerdo sobre la retirada de las tropas soviéticas del territorio de Checoslovaquia. Las tropas soviéticas entraron en Checoslovaquia en 1968 con el objetivo de "defender la causa del socialismo" e impedir que el Partido Comunista de Checoslovaquia (PCCh ) perdiera el poder y el país abandonara el bloque socialista y la Organización del Tratado de Varsovia.

Mar 2020

En la encuesta ha ganado este tema y será el que trataremos esta semana. ¿Revolución violenta o pacífica? ¿Crees que es necesario acudir a las armas para una revolución socialista? ¿por qué? ¿Hay que negociar sin violencia? ¿por qué? ¿se puede llegar al socialismo democráticamente o es obligatoria la violencia para tomar el poder?

Jun 2017

A wonderful piece of art coming from the Eastern Bloc: the LOT - Polish Airlines poster featuring Ilyushin Il-62 longhaul jetliner #poland #lot #airlineadvertising #airlineposter #il62 #easternbloc #socialsm #artwork #illustration #flylot #design #aviationlover #польша #польскиеавиалинии