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Mais uma das minha torre eiffel,essa serve como porta recado ,pratico para ter numa mesa seja se trabalho ou estudo Nela está uma outra mini torre eiffel #meumundoparis 🗼 #colecao #colecionador #instaparis #paris_focus_on #parisphoto #torreeiffel #parisiandoporai #parisgram #paris 🗼 #hello_france #coleçãoparis #colecaoparis #colecionadora #eiffeltower

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Stage Cuisine "Préparation du buffet" - Dans le cadre de l'événement "Fête des Lumières" du Centre Goscinny. • Tout public • Samedi 12 décembre • 17h - 19h • Gratuit samedi 12 décembre 2020 : Plus d'info sur l'application mobile Parissi Crédit photo : Centre Goscinny #Animations #Stage #paris #parisevent #event #actu #bonsplans #parissi #opendataParis #culture #parismaville #ville #france #loisir #parisienne #parisianstyle #parisjetaime #parisian #parisfrance #igersparis #parisien #style #parisianlife #parisphoto #instagood #travel #parisgram #parisianlifestyle #lifestyle @centre_goscinny

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Bye 👋🏽 29!

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Riding a bike in Paris is something I’ve never done, but want to try so badly! I don’t know why but I just find it sooooo intimidating, even with an abundance of bike paths through the city. I would prefer having a ‘professional’ go with me for the first time to hold my hand 😅 any volunteers?? 🚲

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Trying to exhaust all of my summer photos 😅 because Paris definitely doesn’t look like this right now! It seems like Paris decided to skip fall and head straight to winter 🌧 typically we don’t get much (if any ) snow, but it rains and rains and rains all winter long. I actually love rainy days, but not when you get too many in a row like winters here 😓

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Alexa play Le Festin ☕️✨ A throwback to Paris. Not only because it’s one of my fave cities, but also because I feel so much wanderlust and I don’t think I’ll be traveling anywhere any time soon. But hey, better be safe than sorry! Where are you travelling once it’s all safe? Or where have you traveled lately?

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A year ago, in Paris 💘

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Looks like summer is officially over in Paris. It went from super warm summer to cold rainy fall over a day and I’m not here for it. Can’t say I’ll miss the heatwaves but couldn’t it go a bit slower and ease us in to it? So yeah, here’s probably that last pic from Paris summer for a few months💁🏼‍♀️

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About Last Night 🌟

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View of Rue du Vieux-Colombier in the 6ème arrondissement, just around the corner from Sèvres-Babylone metro stop and Saint-Sulpice. The sculpture on the wall was created by artist Eric Fonteneau in 1995. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find much information about this piece specifically. But I guess that being said, we can interpret the meaning myself in true artistic fashion 🎨

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Esta soy yo en 2009 durante mi erasmus. No fue un año nada fácil: tenía una relación a distancia, problemas con una compañera de piso problemática, huelga de profesores y la universidad bloqueada. ⁣ París era mi sueño y quería quedarme un año más para estar con mi pareja de ese momento. Pero tuve problemas familiares, mi pareja no estuvo a la altura y decidí que no era la persona para mí, a pesar de haber estado juntos 5 años. ⁣ Nunca me he arrepentido de mi decisión, aunque sentí mucho hacerle daño. ⁣ ¿Cómo fue vuestro primer año viviendo fuera? ¿Os gustó la experiencia? ⁣ #erasmus #hello_france #merveillesdefrance #paris #parisgram #pariscityworld #parislife #parisjetaime


I spy with my little eye 👁 I loved the contrast of lighting and shadows here while I was rushing through the Latin Quarter one day. Although it is a little depressing seeing Notre Dame from this angle now. I remember the day the devastating fire occurred- I first heard the news from a friend in the US as it was happening. From outside you could see the smoke spreading across the sky. Many people went to the scene as if it was a spectacle. I confess, I considered going as well, but ultimately decided against it. It’s definitely not the same to look at this beautiful and historic building closed off and covered in scaffolding, but it still stands strong ❣️


🕊Parisian vibes

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Simply soft, serenely so.

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Tonight I am feeling a bit down... Soon it is my birthday and every year I throw a party and travel somewhere! This year I am turning 45 ... and no party and nowhere to go! All places I would love to go are in the red list! 😢 Will ever going to be back to ‘normal’ life where we can be with friends and family without fear?? . . . . . . . . #outdooradventures #exploreoutdoors #parisgram #traveldames #swissness #gva #genevablogger #igersswitzerland #parisianvibes #arcdutriomphe #forgeyourownpath #discoverearth #beautifuldestinations #sheisnotlost #speechlessplaces #traveldaily #stayandwonder #outdooradventure #igersswitzerland #travelblogging #voyagedereve

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A beautiful Art Nouveau facade, very close to Montparnasse. 😍 - walking around the museum I shared yesterday, we came across other beautiful hidden gems (I had no idea this area hid so many! ). This beautiful restaurant is one of them, perfect for a little break with a glass of wine (or why not a beer, right? haha ) ... By the way, I love everything about this place, especially the aquamarine color of the facade and the decoration with these magnificent white flowers (although I'm still not completely sure what kind of flower it is! 😅 ). ~ This makes me think that we won't stop discovering beauties everywhere we look, so keep an eye out! 🤎 Have a beautiful week ahead! ✨ - Una hermosa fachada en el mejor estilo del Art Nouveau, muy cerca de Montparnasse. 😍 - y es que caminando a los alrededores del museo que compartí ayer, nos encontramos con otras hermosas gemas escondidas (¡no tenía ni idea de que esta zona escondiera tantas! ). Este hermoso restaurante es una de ellas, perfecto para un pequeño descanso acompañado de una copa de vino (o por qué no una cerveza, ¿a qué sí? jaja ) ... Por cierto, me encanta todo de este lugar, especialmente el color aguamarina de la fachada y la decoración con estas magníficas flores blancas (¡aunque todavía no estoy completamente seguro de qué tipo de flor es! 😅 ). ~ Esto me hace pensar que no dejaremos de descubrir bellezas por donde miremos, ¡así que estate atento! 🤎 ¡Que tengas una hermosa semana por delante! ✨