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Happy girls are the prettiest.😍 #picoftheday #memesdaily #followme #gudvibes #girlsgirlsgirls

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Woah 😳• • • • • • • • • #offensivememes #memes #dankmemes #memesdaily #offensivememesmatter #darkhumor #dark #lol #yolo #amongus

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Jun 2020

he....he did it..he destroyed that shit out..


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3, 2, 1, 0.9, 0.8.... source: u/ablue_duck

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Time really do be flying doe source: u/amenotekijara

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Guilty Follow @goattfishh for more memes like this‼️

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Party for one source: u/chill1208

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Hey there! Morty here to explain the joke. So the joke is that in Minecraft the max amount you can carry on 1 slot is 64 , also called 1 stack. So in this meme the upper picture shows some math tasks, the first question is what is 43+27, and the person writes down 70 as the answer which is true. The next question is, what is 35+29 and the expected answer should be 64, but the kid wrote down "One stack" because he probably remembered that 1 stack = 64 in Minecraft. The teacher probably paying Minecraft too knows that the kid meant 64, so he actually gave the kid the point. The bottom picture then shows the teacher saying "Ah I see you’re a man of Minecrafter as well" because he now knows that the kid plays Minecraft as well due to the answer. And if you actually read this far and enjoyed it, you should follow me right now! @morty_explains

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Hey guys! mr penguin is here to explain! The joke here is that someone tweeted about how the YouTube video “how to use a fire extinguisher” should not have a thirty second ad before the video. This may sound confusing at first to why they believe this should be the case but the answer to the question is actually quite simple. This is what they think because most of the time when you would watch that video, you’re in a situation where you absolutely need to use a fire extinguisher and you don’t have time to spare because a fire is about to kill you. But if the video has a thirty second af before the video, you’ll waste thirty seconds of your time while you’re in a fire which could be the difference between you making it out of the fire or being burned alive. So it makes sense to not have the ad beforehand because it could result in someone’s death which would be so sad if an ad literally caused someone to die. and hey, if you’ve already read this far, you might as well drop a follow! I explain memes like this all the time : ) @penguin_explains

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WTF DO NOT LOOK AT @chillaxingmemes RECENT POST, ITS CRAZY 😳😳❌😱😱 Credit: u/V2I2IAN Youtube: Unsquidable Snapchat: Unsquidable Triller: Unsquidable Twitter: unsquidable_ Tiktok: Unsquidables Twitch: Unsquidables Xbox: Unsquidables

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