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Most say I have to see it to believe it! Well that’s actually backwards. You have to first believe it for long enough until one day it becomes real. So if you want to be incredibly healthy and fit then start by seeing yourself as such in your own mind. Then keep affirming your new beliefs daily and watch a new you emerge. It’s like planting a plant or crop. First you plant the new belief in your mind. Then it needs water and sunshine to grow and flourish into it’s final form. The water and sunshine equivalent for your new beliefs you plant is to consistently affirm, encourage and act in alignment with what you now believe even without you seeing it. The reason you can’t see it yet is because it hasn’t grown yet. PS: Remember to let go of any and all doubts, critics and naysayers because if you don’t this is equivalent to say a hailstorm that comes along and wipes out the entire crop. And also if you don’t affirm and encourage it daily/consistently + take new actions that are in alignment with it then it’s equivalent to a drought and so it will likely never come to be real either since well crops don’t grow well in droughts. Now in closing always remember that you will never achieve more than you believe so believe all of which will make you feel and be the best you can be.

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Did some journaling, like a boss!

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Bicycles, Shotguns, & Plank Side Steps, oh my! For this workout ab circuit: 🔸4 sets of 20 bicycles (each side counts for 1 rep ) 🔸4 sets of 20 shotguns 🔸4 sets of 15 side steps (each side counts for one rep ) 🎵: cynical by @blink182 *bf stopped by at the end to leave some 💗!*

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Thanks for the motivation @bechickin happy with the time in rain 🌧 🏃‍♂️ @the_440 @the_440_maribyrnong #homeworkouts #keepnoving

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It's funny how we allow our fears to control and keep us within our comfort zone... The best way I've found to work through all fears is to come at it from a frame of mind where there is nothing to lose. The fears themselves are illusions made up by our mind because it is trying to keep us safe from entering the unknown. Since no one knows what the unknown has in store we typically fear entering it. So let’s say you want a phenomenal looking body with phenomenal health and a phenomenal lifestyle. Ok great 👍! Now to achieve that you will have to do things you haven’t done before and initially your mind will really resist this. It will send off all sorts of crazy signals trying to keep you the same and you have to filter through this nonsense to get to the real truth deep within. The faster you can recognize that these fears are experienced by everyone and they are not real the faster you can take the new actions required to achieve the new results you want in your life. Now this said there’s 2 ways you can go about doing this. #1 . Try by yourself and likely take a very long time to accomplish what you want because you have to learn it all via trial and error. Most people give up after 1 or 2 try’s and never make it because trying on your own is super hard and difficult to do. #2 . Simply invest in yourself and pay to work with someone who can show you every step of the way. Ideally this is someone who has already accomplished what you want to accomplish. This is hands down the way I recommend you go because you will achieve the desired results you want much faster and with a lot less pain and struggles. So with that said if your goal is to get healthy and fit for good then comment or dm me the word “fit” right now and I will show you how to do it every step of the way so you get to Look and Feel 👌 for good in Just 13 Weeks or Less! Don’t let your fears control you any longer! It’s time for you to step up and run the show of your own life again. Comment or dm me the word “fit” right now.

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💪 PUSH THOSE BOUNDARIES!! 💪 Gorilla Joe knows all about the mental strength that comes with training. Whether you're new to the gym and working out or an advanced athlete, training requires a strong mind and lots of determination. ⁠ ⁠ .⁠ ⁠ Keep up the hard work and you'll be amazed at what your body can achieve when you simply tell your mind that you can do it! 💯

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Utilize every moment of training.🌟⁠ Stretching each body part your focusing on, in between sets, helps increase blood flow through the muscle. ⁠ .⁠ Maximize your workouts while tuning into your body. Movement is healing and mind-muscle connection is essential. 🙌⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ #FitQuote #FitnessMotivation #Fitspo #GetFit #GoalSetting #YouCanDoIt #FitnessGoals #TrainHard #NoExcuses #MondayMotivation #BodyGoals #PhysiqueGoals #Mirrin #Hardworkdedication #GymMotivation #GoGetIt #DreamBig #JustDoIt #Iwill #BestLifeProject #Alwaysinbeta #Betterforit #Findyourstrong #worldgymburleigh #worldgymfitfam #worldgymaustralia

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✨🌻☀️✨🌻☀️ Practice, practice, practice. When I had to move home in March from college due to COVID-19 I felt unmotivated. One night I was scrolling through Instagram and I saw a yoga headstand video. I was completely mesmerized. Of course I got into watching more and more and more. At the end of the night I decided that I would push myself and practice and see if it was something that I would be able to do. Here is my progression of doing headstands. I have learned I absolutely love doing them. I find it rather calming. It’s really the only time I feel that I can focus solely on my breathing and I’m not thinking about anything else. starting or ending the day with a headstand allows me to have a clear mind and relax. Do you do headstands? If so let me know why.✨✨🌻🌻

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👉Only a Barbell pt 2 👈 ⁣ ⁣ Here are 2 transitional exercises that you can implement for Size and Explosiveness 🧨 if you play sports 🏉 these are the types of workouts you should be adding into your fitness regime. ⁣ 1️⃣ Barbell Lunges 4 x 8-10 per leg 2️⃣ Rotational Single Arm Press 4 x6 ⁣ @conquerfitnessusa

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Did you get out bed today? Blessed. Did you have a car to get to work? Blessed. Have a job? BLESSED

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Nothing better than an arm day followed by a cheat meal. On another note, I recently dialed back the artificial sweetener intake and man, it feels good. Sometimes making your food taste better at the expense of your digestion isn’t worth it. So it’s back to a pint of hot sauce a week for now😉 Fueled by @AnimalPak - use CMELLETT10 for a discount • • • • • #FitQuote #FitnessMotivation #Fitspo #GetFit #GoalSetting #YouCanDoIt #FitnessGoals #TrainHard #NoExcuses #FitFam #FitLife #Fitness #FitnessAddict #GetOutside #GetStrong #GymLife #GymTime #NoPainNoGain #Sweat #Weights #WeightTraining #Workout #bodybuilding #offseason #instafit

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What's worse then not having any Energy and Being Depressed? Personally nothing that I've experienced in my life has been worse! The only way I've found to successfully deal with this Negative Beast is to prioritize my responsibilities, get up and do them regardless if I feel like it or not. If coffee is what will help you get it done then drink it. Every other substance and or pharmaceutical leave where they are because they will never solve the real problem for you and in fact will likely only make it worse for you long term. Next make sure to move your body daily (ideally in nature ), hydrate well, eat well (structure this ) and sleep well (structure this ) with no caffeine 7 to 8 hours before you go to sleep. Now when I say eat well I mean eat lots of vegetables and fruits and minimize processed foods and unnatural sugars. And finally get out the house regardless if you want to or not and begin at once to take immediate action towards constructing the empowering future you desire and deserve. Your Health & Fitness should be your #1 priority because without that you are left with nothing. Now here’s an approach that I’ve found to work magical for me: I aim to approach my life daily as if I have nothing to lose and everything to gain this way I don't wait another moment to start. And I would suggest you try this approach out for yourself as well because it just works. Now I’m not saying that it’s going to be easy but I am saying it will be worth it. So don’t wait another moment to get real about achieving your health and fitness goals whatever they may be. I'm here for you. Just comment or dm me ”fit” right now. You deserve it.

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It is Tabata time!✨ Full body Tabata Explanation: Tabata is a type of HIIT. EACH exercise is done for 20 second intervals at max effort followed by a 10 second rest, then it is repeated 8 times. The eight rounds result in completing the exercise for 4-minutes in total. Once you have completed your first 4-minute period take a 1-minute break & then continue to the second exercise. This workout is around 48 minutes long. If you don’t have that time instead of repeating the exercise 8 times repeat the exercise at least 4 times. Exercises: 💪🏼deadlifts 💪🏼squats 💪🏼jumping squats 💪🏼tricep extensions 💪🏼arm raises 💪🏼incline push-ups 💪🏼Bicep curl 💪🏼Single arm row 💪🏼in and outs 💪🏼sit ups 💪🏼Russian twists 💪🏼plank twists As always ask me questions if you have them. Keep up the good work and stay mighty💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

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Appreciation Post! What a crazy week, what a month, what a crazy start to Fitness & Wellbeing Project. There is still SO much more to come! Thank you all from the bottom of my heart, this heart beats stronger together!⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ #FitQuote #FitnessMotivation #Fitspo #GetFit #GoalSetting #YouCanDoIt #FitnessGoals #TrainHard #NoExcuses #MondayMotivation #BodyGoals #PhysiqueGoals #Mirrin #Hardworkdedication #GymMotivation #GoGetIt #DreamBig #JustDoIt #Iwill #BestLifeProject #Alwaysinbeta #Betterforit #Findyourstrong #Healthy #Wellness #Healthylifestyle #Healthandwellness

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Developing a new skill, building strong relationships, discovering your true self - all those great things take time ⏰ Don’t get discouraged if something doesn’t work perfectly when you do it for the first time. If you feel passionate or motivate - just do it. Keep practicing and you’ll see progress. We were once all beginners at everything. ♥️ • • • #summermotivaton #iammymotivation #findmotivation #whatsyourmotivation #femalemotivation #mymotivation #instamotivation #quotesbackground #textquote #teenquote #favoritequote #lovethisquote #greatquote #reallifequote #fitnessquote #fitquote #fitquote

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YOU are important: your body, your mind, your soul. You need to take care of YOU! That may mean hiring someone to help you or guide you in any of those 3 categories (mind, body, or soul ) and that money is being INVESTED in your overall health: invested in YOU! Don’t hesitate when paying money for something that is going to better YOU! After all, what is more important than YOU and your health, happiness, and overall wellbeing? Self care is important 💞


10 reps per exercise, 2 rounds ✨bridges ✨clamshells ✨lateral leg lifts ✨kickbacks


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This little boy is always keen for a walk. Thanks for pushing me even when the weather isn’t so great 🤣🥰 ⁣ ⁣ . . . . . ⁣ #FitQuote #FitnessMotivation #Fitspo #GetFit #GoalSetting #YouCanDoIt #FitnessGoals #TrainHard #NoExcuses #FitFam #FitLife #Fitness #FitnessAddict #GetStrong #GirlsWhoLift #GymLife #GymTime #dogsofinstagram #transform #goals

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Gassed up.🔥⛽️😈👀 #tunnelvision #operationfatfree - 💻 www.jeremyrichterfitness.com 🥦 Customized Meal Plans 💪🏽 Customized Training Programs 🔥 Fat Loss/Strength Gain/Competition/Lean Bulk 📝 Supplementation Advice

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Discipline: you have to show up even on your bad days.

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Today is a beautiful day to be alive ! 🥰 Vandaag een korte maar krachtige legday gehad, opzich wel blij met hoe mijn benen en billen er uit gaan zien ! Vanavond nog een uurtje aan de wandel en dan heb ik mijn beweging gehad voor vandaag ! 🙏🖤 - #fitstrong #noexcuses #stayfitdontquit #strong #trainhard #fitand #fitquote #getfit #goalsetting #musculs #fitmotivation #excersise #fitgirlintersession #weekendvibes #fitfamnl #workoutmotivation #squats #fitforfree #instagood #fitspo

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Working out always give me more clarity.

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Focus on the process and results will come.

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Life is more fun when you get out of your comfort zone.

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Forever Summer. 🌞😎 #summervibes #sundayfunday #issamood - 💻 www.jeremyrichterfitness.com 🥦 Customized Meal Plans 💪🏽 Customized Training Programs 🔥 Fat Loss/Strength Gain/Competition/Lean Bulk 📝 Supplementation Advice