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Which pork is the best? @kalyedecks @dayvidjones

14 hours ago

A set of B Type wheels including the Storage Container will be priced at $34.95! I’ve been hard at work in the background making sure that the first Luxario wheel drop will be a special one for everyone! That includes crafting the actual wheels themselves, packaging, website stability and usability, shipping logistics, awesome content for IG, and any other small bumps in the road along the way. I can assure you that this wait that we’ve all be on together will definitely be worth it! 🤜🏻🤛🏻 Exciting information to follow over the next few days 😁 #luxariofb #luxario #luxariowheels #btype #rollagainstthegrain #fingerboarding #fingerboard #fingerboards #fingerskateboard #fingerskate #fingerboardwheels #wheels #miniature

4 days ago

We can’t take her eyes off this one from @darkmatter_fb Their attention to detail is absurd 🔥😍 #fingerboard #fingerboarding #fingerboardpark

2 days ago

Bad news everyone 😔 All our Halloween packages came back because we put candies inside We gonna sort through them tomorrow It’s so sad for us because it’s our little tradition for Halloween 🎃 Sorry please for it and delay. we will ship all your packages as quickly as possible

3 days ago

All Halloween orders come with sheet of special engraved tape and candies 🎃👻