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Tb to David Johnson’s 47 yard TD run on Sunday Night Football against the #eagles in week 15 of his 2015 rookie campaign.

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Which undervalued veteran are you targeting this season? #fantasyfootball #football #fantasysports #toddgurley #davidjohnson #leveonbell #melvingordon #nfl

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LEFT OR RIGHT? COMMENT BELOW⬇️ - Leave a comment if you'd like to do a mock draft with @ff .coverage . I'll post it and followers will vote on the team they like more💪 - Follow @ff .coverage for the best Fantasy Football Content on Instagram. - #fantasyfootball #drewbrees #mattryan #saquonbarkley #tyreekhill #davidjohnson #joemixon #toddgurley #mockdraft #fantasyfootballdraft #nflpolls #nflnews #fantasyfootballadvice #nflfantasy #espnfantasy #keenanallen #evanengram #nflnews #nflmemes #nflstats

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We are back again with the NFL best RB eliminator! Yesterday Phillip Lindsay, David Johnson, and Raheem Mostert were eliminated off of the list. Comment down below 3 more RBs to take off the list! #nfl #nfldraft #nflnews #nflmemes #nflfootball #nfledits #nflying #nflseason #nfltop100 #nfloffseason #nfllondon #nflpredictions #nflfantasyfootball #nfld #nfljerseys #runningback #runningbacks #eliminationgame #nflfans #footballfans


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Kyler and Nuk Hopkins are going to be must see TV this season (via @deandrehopkins )


Bold opinion #5 ! David Johnson will finish as a top-12 RB!🔥 —————————————————————- #fantasyfootball #football #win #nfl #sports #fantasyadvice #nflnews #nflfootball #nflfantasyfootball #follow #fpl #explorepage #davidjohnson #texans #runningback #bold #opinion #hottake


My new series, "ADP MYSTERY" I will give you a player who's ADP is a complete mystery due to past performances. Often times the majority opinion has a strong recency bias and is wrong. As humans we tend to get excited for new shiny toys and leave behind old and reliable ones. We tend to follow the crowd and jgo along with the flow even if it doesn't make sense statistically. I'm putting a $5,000 prop bet on the over for David Johnson's total TDs this year. First, David Johnson is a Top 10 RB and has been ever since he stepped foot into the NFL; including RB8 his rookie season with only 125 carries. He's never finished worse than RB9. David Johnson is the best RB Deshaun Watson has ever played with. Lastly, Bill O'Brien is the GM and the play caller. He made this trade and has been ridiculed heavily. He needs and wants this trade to be successful and in order for that to happen David Johnson NEEDS to be good. I'm putting a lot of money on the fact that when in a situation where Bill must choose a play on the goal line, he's going to sway towards giving David the ball to score because his reputation relies on it. I appreciate and capitalize on every ADP mystery that occurs every season and it tends to pay off. If it wasn't for bad analysis and projections we would never get steals in drafts. Comment below where David is in your RB rankings this year.

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We’re back! These are 17-20 of my PPR, top 24 running back rankings! Swipe for explanations of my selections! You can check the highlight on my story to see explanations for selections 1-16! Let me know what you guys think⬇️ - #fantasyfootball #nfl #fantasyfootballadvice #leveonbell #clydeedwardshelaire #davidjohnson #melvingordon #runningbacks #runningbackrankings

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🔐 David Johnson, manter ou liberar? Keeper Leagues Uma das minhas apostas em 2019 e de muitos outros analistas, o running back, então do Arizona Cardinals, estava com uma probabilidade muito alta de fazer bonito e voltar a elite da posição. No início da temporada até se criou uma expectativa real, após 6 rodadas ele era o RB6 e um jogo após fazer sua maior pontuação da temporada se lesionou. Chase Edmonds utilizou-se de seu volume, a equipe buscou Kenyan Drake via troca e DJ ficou para trás, perdendo espaço até quando voltou de sua lesão. A troca que mais chamou atenção nessa off-season levou DeAndre Hopkins para os Cardinals e David foi parar em Houston, onde novamente deve ter chance de ter uma franquia para ser o RB1, mas ele irá produzir para isso? Ele se manterá saudável para isso? Seu ADP atual lhe coloca na 3ª rodada, não acredito que nesta posição ele ainda possa ter um valor tão alto. . Portanto: 🔓 Libere David Johnson! #fantasyfootball #nflfantasy #nfl #nflbrasil #nflnaespn #fabr #futebolamericano #americanf ootball #fantasyfutebolista #davidjohnson #keeperleagues

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We bring in Chris Pinto to discuss how to win your next fantasy football league! Chris is a Senior Fantasy Football Analyst for Belly Up Sports, and he is coming on the show to share some of his winning strategies. We go over mistakes to avoid, underrated running backs, and the player he feels will win you your league! ⠀ Episode 23 is out now! Stream it on your favorite platform by clicking the link in the bio. ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ Song: #podcast #sportspodcast #sportspodcaster #sportspodcasting #sportsradio #sportstalk #sportsmedia #sportsmemes #nfl #nflnews #nflfootball #nflpodcast #nfledits #fantasyfootball #fantasyfootballadvice #fantasydraft #toddgurley #atlantafalcons #davidjohnson #footballhighlights #espn #espnnews #nfledits #nflfantasy

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LIKE VS COMMENT! . This matchup... LIKE for JJ Watt! . COMMENT for TJ Watt! . Derek Watt Fan? Find the hidden message! . I want to see EVERYONE casting their vote! Send it to a friend to MAKE SURE your player wins! . Thanks to Pro Sports Backgrounds for the awesome backgrounds on these posts! . #texans #houstontexans #nrgstadium #deshaunwatson #deandrehopkins #davidjohnson #willfuller #brandincooks #texansfan #texansfans #andrejohnson #commisharmy #herewego #steelers #pittsburghsteelers #bigben #antoniobrown #jujusmithschuster #jamesconner #diontaejohnson #steelersfan #steelersfans #tjwatt #heinzfield

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Fantasy Football RB rankings 2020. Rankings 21-25. 25. #davidjohnson #houstontexas Don’t get me wrong I like David Johnson and I hope he can return to his 2016 dominance, but I wouldn’t count on it. Johnson hasn’t been fantasy relevant for 3 years and he’s not getting any younger. 24. #sonymichel #newenglandpatriots Sony Michel seems to always get a decent amount of touches each year, but he rarely does much with them, and besides the Patriots use so many RBs and Michel gets limited opportunities in the passing game. 23. #markingram #baltimoreravens I like Mark Ingram and I think he’s a beast and will be a beast again this year, but the Ravens drafted JK Dobbins with the 55th pick in the draft so this will be a split backfield. 22. #raheemmostert #sanfrancisco49ers Raheem Mostert was amazing towards the tail end of the season and was a huge pick up for me in my championship winning season in a 14 team league, but can he repeat last years success with both Tevin Coleman and Jerick McKinnon also getting touches? 21. #clydeedwardshelaire #kansascitychiefs Lastly, Clyde Edwards-Helaire, this guy has the best chance out of all the rookie RBs selected to have a solid fantasy year, not because he’s the best talent, but because of who drafted him. Expect Edwards-Helaire to get a lot of catching opportunities in Kansas City this year. #fantasyfootball #fantasyfootballdraft #fantasyfootballadvice #fantasyfootballrankings

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#newvideo on our @youtube channel. The Boys look at @davidjohnson31 of the @houstontexans for the @nfl 2020 fantasy football season. Be sure to click the like button and subscribe to our YouTube channel to get the latest videos. Check out the video here ⬇️⬇️⬇️ https://youtu.be/OZz09sXEDmQ ⬆️⬆️⬆️ . . . . . . #davidjohnson #davidjohnson31 #texans #texansnation #houstontexans #rbrankings #goodoldboysff #fantasyfootball #fantasyfootball2020 #nfl #nflfantasy #draftadvice #nflinstagram #texansfootball #wearetexans #gotexans #nflfootball #nflfantasyadvice #nfl 🏈 #fantasyfootballdraft

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What does David Johnson’s outlook with the Texans look like in 2020? See below and let us know! #fantasyfootball #fantasysports #fantasydrafts #nfl #espn #espnsports #espn #cbssports #davidjohnson #houston #houstontexans ▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️ After being completely phased out of the Cardinals offense in 2019 David Johnson was one of the biggest busts of the year. Now traded to the Texans, DJ has a chance to revitalize his NFL career. He comes into a offense which allowed Carlos Hyde to have over a 1000 rushing yards last season. I feel like you can expect this from DJ. DJ is also a exceptional pass catcher, and won’t be phased out of games by the Texans bottom third of the league defense. Duke Johnson will get some passing catching work but not all. And with the team trading for DJ, you have to assume that they are going to use him and have him on the field as much as possible. With the opportunity and pass catching ability of DJ, I see him as a high RB2 this season with the chance to sneak into the back of RB1. - Lane ▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️ As a Cardinals fan, watching the decline of DJ hurt my soul. He seemed like a totally different person from years past. He was slower, less explosive, and almost seemed afraid of contact. That being said it is a new year with a new team. When Kliff became the HC for the Cardinals, it seemed like the Air Raid O didnt really fit the skill set of DJ. Now the inside zone that the Texans run bodes well for DJ’s skills and as Lane mentioned he is an exceptional pass catcher. This in combination with a high volume of attempts, gigantic stakes in DJ, and little competition in the RB room should mean DJ is a solid RB2 should he play like his old self. If he doesn’t he should still be in consideration for a RB 2 strictly due to volume. Remeber DHOP was essentially traded for DJ so the organization has to prove to the fan base that this was the right move. -Zac

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💠Rank Em: Mid RB2s💠 • 💠In this edition we have 4 mid RB2s. Some may have them ranked a little differently but from what I’ve seen they have all been ranked around mid RB2s at the 17-20 range. All 4 of these RBs have risk attached to them this year because 3/4 are on new teams, and Conner gets injured a lot. Ranking them was pretty difficult but I came up with: David Johnson, Todd Gurley, James Conner, Melvin Gordon. • • 💠Let me know in the comments how you would rank these 4 RBs! Make sure to follow me ( @hmgfantasyfootball ) for everything fantasy football! @jamesconner @melvin @davidjohnson31 @tg4hunnid • • • Tags: #nfl #football #fantasyfootball #fantasyfootballtips #fantasyfootballadvice #fantasyfootballhelp #espnfantasyfootball #rankem #fantasyrankings #fantasyfootballrankings #f4f #melvingordon #davidjohnson #jamesconner #toddgurley #denverbroncos #pittsburghsteelers #atlantafalcons #houstontexans

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This is a top 3 for me and another that deserved it's own post, courtesy of @sunsfan8 . One of these days I'll have the courage to send it off to BGS for the slabbed PC. #DavidJohnson

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This is in my top 10 list. I just wish the jersey size was accurate. #DavidJohnson

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These were deserving to be reposted in a picture of their own. 2016 NFL ink and MVP Contenders 1/1 autos BGS 9.5. #DavidJohnson

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Both are /10. #DavidJohnson

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Patches need love too. #DavidJohnson

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Contenders Rookie & NFL Ink autos. #DavidJohnson

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Black Gold Sizeable Signatures RPA /199. #DavidJohnson


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Mar 2020

The first big Story of the NFL free agency. David Johnson is now a Texan. . . . #davidjohnson #texans #houston #nflfreeagency

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Bold Prediction of the Week: David Johnson finishes 2020 as a top-5 RB in points in PPR scoring. Johnson enters a favorable scenario in his move to Houston, taking over Carlos Hyde's 255 vacated touches and likely an added 25+ more via the departure of DeAndre Hopkins and offensive shift to a more balanced scheme. He certainly has the ability to produce amongst the league's best, posting the 5th-most points prior to his injury in 2019 and finishing top-10 in points the year before. With a top-10 schedule (9th among RBs ) and a likely workhorse role, Johnson has the potential to re-emerge as a top-5 fantasy RB in 2020. With that said, that is his upside and he should not be drafted anywhere near that point given his security (or lack thereof ). I would recommend Johnson as a high-risk/high-reward mid-RB2 option (currently ranked as my RB18 ) for the foreseeable future. FF101's Likelihood of Happening: 17.5% Note: Bold Predictions are NOT expected to necessarily happen, hence why they are bold. #nfl #football #fantasyfootball #fantasyfootballadvice #HoustonTexans #DavidJohnson

Oct 2019

SET IT & FORGET IT: RB Edition • There are certain players every single week, that a lot of us have in our lineups, and all you need to do, is start them, and forget about it. You live or die by these players. They are matchup proof. These are the RB’s you must start every week WHEN HEALTHY. • 1. Christian McCaffrey 2. SaQuon Barkley 3. Alvin Kamara 4. Ezekiel Elliott 5. Dalvin Cook 6. Aaron Jones 7. David Johnson 8. Nick Chubb 9. Leonard Fournette 10. Le’Veon Bell 11. Chris Carson 12. Marlon Mack 13. Mark Ingram 14. Derrick Henry 15. Todd Gurley 16. Josh Jacobs 17. Kerryon Johnson 18. Joe Mixon 19. Damien Williams 20. Melvin Gordon 21. Austin Ekeler 22. Phillip Lindsay 23. James White 24. Matt Breida 25. Tevin Coleman • I do not think the following players are as easy to evaluate. They are a lot more matchup dependent this season. • 1. James Conner 2. Jordan Howard 3. Devonta Freeman 4. Sony Michel 5. LeSean McCoy 6. Carlos Hyde 7. Adrian Peterson/Chris Thompson 8. Ronald Jones/Peyton Barber 9. David Montgomery

Mar 2020

Wowzers!!! The Arizona Cardinals and Houston Texans made a blockbuster deal that will change the landscape of the fantasy football world! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Arizona will receive: - WR DeAndre Hopkins - 2020 Fourth Round Pick ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Houston will receive: - RB David Johnson - 2020 Second Round Pick - 2021 Fourth Round Pick ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Update/Edit coming soon here with my fantasy perspective... this 💩 is just too wild! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 📸: @snfonnbc

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PLAYER PROFILE: DAVID JOHNSON — Average ADP: RB18 (Round 4 ) (FF Calculator ) His ADP? Elite — 5 reasons why David Johnson could have a great bounce back season: 1. The production that Houston RBs get is just crazy underrated. Carlos Hyde was Top-12 in rushing attempts and total touches last year, and Duke Johnson was Top-15 in targets. In total, there are more than 255 vacated touches from the RB position and 240 vacated targets in the passing game. The production in Houston is THERE - and DJ will be collecting a whole lot of that. 2. Speaking of Texans RBs... they historically always produce in fantasy. Carlos Hyde was the RB23 in leagues last year despite scoring 6 TDs. Lamar Miller was a Top-20 RB from 2016-2018. O’Brien loves to feed his backs - and they basically have a floor of the RB23 spot. That’s worst case - RB23. BTW, Johnson is being drafted as the RB18. 3. Like I said, with many rushing attempts produces good yardage. Every starting Texans RB under O’Brien since 2015 has collected AT LEAST 1100 total yards. That leaves them with a low TD dependency and high yearly consistency and reliability. 4. Little things. David Johnson has a Top-10 schedule going into 2020 for RBs. He’s fully healthy for the first time since 2017. The Texans OL has been improving over the last 2 years, and it’s now an average OL (better than what Johnson has had ). These 3 things are nice additions for him to succeed. 5. Lastly, common sense. Bill O’Brien traded away his 2nd best player on the team for this guy. He’s being paid as a Top-5 RB. There’s basically no way he is underutilized or not utilized in 2020. O’Brien will find a way to incorporate him into the offense and will use him undoubtedly. — Johnson is such an interesting pick in 2020. His floor is high and safe - and his upside is HIGH and if all the dots connect, he has realistic Top-5, Top-10 upside. If he’s there in the 4th round, it should be a no brainer! — Follow @acefantasyfootball for more content to help win your leagues and ace fantasy football. If you need any help, comment below or shoot me a DM! • • #nfl #football #fantasyfootball #photooftheday #instagood #love #picoftheday #followme #likeforlike

Jan 2020

Although it's too early to speculate what the Arizona Cardinals will do during the offseason, one of the most intriguing scenarios would be if the team were to trade All-Pro RB David Johnson. ▪︎ DJ was off to a stellar start in 2019, right up until he got injured in Week 7 against the New York Giants (Chase Edmonds scored 3 TD ). In a surprising twist, HC Kliff Kingsbury benched Johnson over Edmonds than traded for Kenyan Drake (Week 9 ). After that, DJ never saw more than 6 touches per game while averaging 23% (Snap% ) for the remainder of the season. ▪︎ Cardinals GM Steve Keim mentioned that he would love to re-sign Kenyan Drake and wants to get a deal done as soon as possible with the FA running back. He also mentioned that Drake fits the offense and gives the team a spark. ▪︎ If the team decides to move on from Johnson's $26.25M contract (two-years remaining ) and retain Drake as their bell cow; where will they ship off DJ and at what cost? ▪︎ There are plenty of teams that desire Johnson's skillsets but the one that would benefit the most (imo ) would be the Buccaneers. Reuniting with his former HC Bruce Arians and getting the playing time that he needs is the perfect situation for all parties! ▪︎ In the end, Arizona would most likely get a decent player (possibly TE O.J. Howard ) in return plus draft picks to bolster their roster around Kyler Murray. ▪︎ Tampa Bay needs to address to the RB position this offseason and move on from Barber/RoJo. I'm sure the fantasy community is with me on this as we want to avoid the madness that 2019 brought to those who drafted DJ! ▪︎ 💬 Which teams do you think should trade for David Johnson and why? . . . #DavidJohnson #ArizonaCardinals #RedSea #RB1 #DesertFootball #NoRiskItNoBiscuit #DJ

Mar 2020

Deandre Hopkins was unexpectedly traded to the Cardinals yesterday for David Johnson and draft picks. Will the Cardinals have the best offense next year? - - @deandrehopkins @azcardinals - - #deandrehopkins #nuk #arizonacardinals #davidjohnson #cardinals #houstontexans #trade #nfl #football #nflfreeagency #breakingnews #blockbustertrade #pick6artwork #pick6 #posterizes #digitalizesports #graphicdesign #explore #lebronjames #freelancedesigner #nflart