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SCRIMMAGE 7/16 has been CANCELLED due to lake like conditions at our field. I guess we’ve upset the Lacrosse Gods Stay tuned for another opportunity...just not tomorrow. #rollbirds #lake #lacrosse #justlaugh

2 days ago

august 14th please come faster #rollbirds

3 days ago

congrats on graduating, sis!! so proud and so much love<<<333 #rollbirds

6 days ago

#tbt to Pipe City - 2016! These 4 are still with us today! #rollbirds #napervilleisnext

2 weeks ago

According to Sydney, I’m a baby bird 🐣 #rollbirds

2 weeks ago

Almost one month until move in day!!!!!🍎❤️ • • • I cannot believe I am almost one month until I move into ISU!!! I have been waiting for this day for a couple of years (like moving into a university and living in campus ). For those of you who don’t know, I went to community college for the past two years and now I am officially moving to a university in the fall to continue my journey of becoming a teacher! I will be sharing more content about teaching since I will actually be starting my journey with some classes in the fall! I cannot wait to share my journey with you all! Roll birds❤️🖤 and have a great Sunday everyone! #elementaryteacher #collegestudents #futureelementaryteacher #futureteacher #teach #instagramteachers # #instateach #teacherblogger #teacherblog #elementaryteacherlife #studentteacher #blogger #wixblogger #teachersfollowingteachers #teacherfollowloop #illinois #newbeginnings #mathclass #onlinelearning #elearning #grad #communitycollege #illinoisstateuniversity #teachingandlearning #rollbirds #happysunday #july

2 weeks ago

I love all the goodies I got in the mail from @illinoisstateu , including this tank! Can’t wait for Reggie’s Virtual Run! #illinoisstateuniversity #reggieredbird #rollbirds

2 weeks ago

Nolan Carfagna-2020 - Bridgewater /Raynham Defense— Committed to play at Post this Fall. Big strong defenseman improved leaps and bounds last two years w the #Phoenix !!! Smart and powerful with a knack of causing turnovers, Nolan is set to continue his lacrosse prowess and education at Post. #rollbirds and looking forward to see his continued success at the NCAA level!!! Trojanpride!!!

2 weeks ago

Thank you @houston .hot for letting some of us play with you this past weekend in Round Rock, TX. It was a great time! Hope to see you all soon. #lacrosse #rollbirds #summer2020 #hotsauce #lax

3 weeks ago

mizzou was fun but ISU is where it’s at🥳

4 weeks ago

I realized that there's been a lot of new faces around here and I haven't formally introduced myself in a while (how rude of me! ) 🙈 . My name is Maddie and thanks for following my journey! I'm a young teacher who wants to learn from other teachers - newbies or vets - and connect with you all! I'm just getting my feet wet with the teachergram, but I'm so stoked to be on this amazing platform! . Some facts about me! . 🎓 I just graduated from Illinois State University this Spring #rollbirds . 🖐️ I will be teaching 5th grade this year!! The same grade I student taught in!! 📍 I was born and raised in northern Illinois! ✏️ I will be teaching in the same area where I grew up! I cannot wait to give back to the community that made me, ME! . 💙 I love all colors blue and pastel! The cool colors are my go to and I hope to make my classroom feel all of the calm (I'm gonna need it! ) . ☕ I'm not a crazy coffee drinker. I like the taste and I'll have an iced coffee about once a week... But that's it! Maybe that will change when I start teaching in the fall 😅 . 🌎 I've been to two countries outside the US!! Ireland and Costa Rica ! 📚 I just finished the Harry Potter series for the FIRST TIME this past year (don't judge... I didn't get into reading until I was an adult ) Lemme just say I have been MISSING OUT! 💚 SPEAKING OF HARRY POTTER - The sweater I am wearing in the pic is one of my faves. Its from @thecommonroom .co and I'm so so in love with it! I want to incorporate the saying "You are made of magic" somehow into my classroom in the fall and make sure the kids believe it!!! 🤓 I'm a HUGE nerd for weather and geography. Seriously. I can watch the weather channel for fun or spend hours on Google maps just looking around! Am I crazy? Maybe. Anyone else have any unique hobbies or interests? . . Now it's your turn!! If we have something in common, comment with the same emoji! If there's nothing we have in common in this list, tell me about you in the comments! This list doesn't tell my complete story but it's a start! 😊 . 📸 @0livebr4nch (ILY )

4 weeks ago

Only the start #rollbirds

4 weeks ago

🎓❤️ - Still can’t believe it’s over! Illinois State will always have a part of my heart. I had some professional photos taken to commemorate my time and...y’all... ALL. THE. HEART. EYES!!!! 😍😍 I’m in LOOOOOOVE with how they turned out! 🥰 - Once a Redbird, ALWAYS a Redbird! ❤️ ————— #illinoisstateuniversity #rollbirds #redbirds #edbird #graduation #graduationpictures #classof2020

5 weeks ago

The girls are getting some reps in playing a fun game called Chumash! #lax #lacrosse #summer #rollbirds

5 weeks ago

SHS ⇢ ISU #rollbirds

5 weeks ago

Don’t mind me just walking around my house in my pajamas as I just submitted my last assignment EVER 👩🏻‍🎓🎓📚❤️🤍 #ThanksISU #rollbirds #illinoisstateuniversity #summergraduate #quarantinegraduation2020

last month

87 is back. #RollBirds

last month

Our 2021 schedule. We can’t wait to kick off our season at home against platt tech. Let’s get it rolling... #rollbirds

last month

Very late post on your graduation, but just wanted to say how incredibly proud I am of you. You inspire me so much to be the best I can be & I mean look at me, I went to the same college, I’m pursuing same degree & we are doing the same sport. So crazy how things ended up, but you push me to better myself every single day and I don’t know what I would do without you by my side. My success has only been built from having you to look up to. You are going to do GREAT things in your future sis and I only wish to follow in your footsteps. Congrats on a huge accomplishment, here’s to all the late nights studying, lack of sleep & rough, long practices, YOU DID IT🎉 #Rollbirds #RB4L

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Matt Halpin- Hanover- 2020- Attack- Committed to play at Roger Williams University!!! #firebird original! Over the past five to six years, Matt has proved to be the X factor for the Phoenix 2020. Our quarterback though smaller in stature, has been our offensive backbone since day one whether putting the ball in the back of the cage or using his instinctual ability to find his open teammates. A tremendous year in 2019 at Hanover was setting him up for a great finish in 2020. Matt earned All Scholastic through the Patriot Ledger in 2019 and was most certainly going to repeat and more. Truly one of the most creative and clutch players I have coached, the next level is in for a great one!!! #firebirds #emasshawks #rollbirds #phoenix2020

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With only about 13 hours for votes to be placed, be sure to cast yours by logging on to Twitter and placing your vote in the #mnhshelmettournament for the Mahnomen/Waubun Thunderbirds. With hopes to move on the the Final Four, your vote is needed. Thanks to those who’ve already voted and be sure to encourage others to do so. #MNFootballCommunity #InTheGame #MWPride #RollBirds

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• una latina educada 👩🏻‍🎓• I want to thank my parents for everything they have given me thus far. They came to this country without anything and gave my sister and I everything 💕 Because of them I was able to Study Abroad and get my Bachelor’s Degree. I’m proud to be the First Generation Latina Graduate, even through all those difficult and stressful times, I did not give up and I can’t wait to see what the future holds! We will be the ones to make a change in this scary world 🖤 Thank you for the pictures @d .aisygarcia 💕😘 #firstgen #illinoisstateuniversity #latinaeducada #futurehealthcareprofessionals #quarantinegraduation

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Strength lies in unity. Let’s band together and show what this Thunderbird team is all about. Log on to Twitter or create an account and be sure to vote for Mahnomen/Waubun in the #mnhshelmettournament . #rollbirds #MNFootballCommunity #InTheGame

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what a time to be alive 💜 #rollbirds

last month

And that’s a wrap! See ya later north🎓 I love y’all💙🤍 #classof2020 #rollbirds

last month

So excited to continue what I love doing @ Illinois State!!❤️ #rollbirds #redt

last month

Throw back to last time we balled! It’s time, girls. #posseup #rollbirds #emailiscoming #summer #nocovidhere

last month

Something to look forward to in 2021. Getting back on the field and rocking these new unis. #rollbirds

last month

It’s truly crazy how fast 4 years goes by. I will forever be grateful for the experiences, lessons, and friendships I will have for the rest of my life. Thank you ISU for helping me become the person that I am today. ❤️ #rollbirds

last month

Hope everyone is staying safe right now! Big birthday shoutout to Taylor! When Taylor first joined our program she had never played lacrosse a day in her life! Now, she has a love for a new sport and made some great friends along the way. Happy Birthday Taylor, hope it’s a good one! #rollbirds #quarentinebday ❤️

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Summer is officially here! Grab some Roll Birds tanks now while you wait out the quarantine. #ilstu #rollbirds #isu

last month

thankful for the memories, excited for the future #rollbirds


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Oct 2019

baby birds🐣 #rollbirds

2 weeks ago

According to Sydney, I’m a baby bird 🐣 #rollbirds

Aug 2019

First game day with the 🍯’s #rollbirds

Apr 2020

Can fallball start already? #rollbirds

Nov 2017

Flirting with success 🌹 #11 #12 #ICEGANG #MFB #WinWin #RollBirds #SwishTeam #BagSZN #RingChasin

Oct 2018

I’m wearing an Illinois shirt under this sweatshirt #rollbirds

Oct 2018

Senior year baby #rollbirds

Nov 2017

Time flies when you’re having fun. Last regular season home game tomorrow! 🏈❄️👐🏽 #RollBirds #ICEGANG #11 #WinWin