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5 weeks ago

MOVE, SWEAT, PERFORM 🔥 Swipe —> to check out our different programs! Got a question about our programming? Send us a DM! 😊 With our new ‘Volume Phase” kicking off on October 12, this is the perfect time to start your trial 👊 Download our app & #MoveSweatPerform at your local REVL studio! 😉 #LevelUp   #REVLTraining #REVLCommunity

3 days ago

9th November Melbourne!! 💥 Hard times call for some feel-good fitness. Enjoy unlimited group classes at a whole new level 🔥 Get ready to #MoveSweatPerform 👊 @revl .training.prahran

2 weeks ago

The first week of our new programming here @revl .training is done and dusted and what a week it has been! I know there’s a few sore bodies from this first week and the increase in volume! So I hope you’re rested, recovered and feeling ready to attack the week of training ahead! Here is my top pick from this week’s programming... For Time (45 min cap ) In pairs 300 cal bike erg 200 burpees 100 DB clusters @22 .5kg *E5MOM - 200m run (Can’t start again until both people are back from the run ) Time - 34:00 Done with the big man @harrisonlewis #Sweat #MoveSweatPerform #LevelUp   #REVLTraining #REVLCommunity @revl .training

2 weeks ago

“The measure of intelligence is the ability to change” -Albert Einstein Week one of our new programming is done and in the books! Let us know what you’ve enjoyed and what you would like to see more of going forward by leaving us a comment below. #MoveSweatPerform #revltraining

2 weeks ago

4 Tips to setting up your BIKE ERG! 💥 SWIPE RIGHT 👉 to see @jakehendryy ’s demonstration. 1. SET UP To set the handlebars up in the right position, use both the stem height and distance adjustments. The ideal adjustment allows you to reach the handlebars comfortably while sitting with a slight lean forward - notice the angle of Jake’s torso. With the seat at roughly hip height, your legs should remain just shy of locking out at any stage throughout the pedalling motion. 2. SEAT ADJUSTMENTS To improve efficiency when transitioning onto the bike, you can adjust the seat height as you go. Lifting the body slightly, will allow you to grab the front of the seat and pull it up to meet your desired height. This may take some practice to get right, however it really is a game changer especially when you’re sharing a bike in a partner or team workout. To drop the seat height, it’s best to simply ask your partner/team member, or hop off the bike and do so yourself. 3. FOOT POSITION When pedalling on the bike, try to avoid pushing down on the pedals using the middle of your foot. This is what’s known as pedalling “flat footed”. Instead, try slightly angling your toes down and driving through the pedals using the balls of your feet. Rather than simply toasting your quads, the right foot position will help produce more power through the pedals, recruiting both your hamstrings and glutes in doing so. Your initial setup (seat height & handlebars ) plays a crucial role here, so once you get that right, nailing your foot position will be a whole lot easier! 4. DAMPER SETTINGS  Being aware of which damper setting your bike is on, is crucial to increasing your overall efficiency. A higher damper setting = more resistance, lower RPM and more suited to sprint style efforts e.g. 8-12 cal effort in an EMOM, Sweat Sprint session. Lower damper = less resistance, higher RPM and more beneficial for longer sustained efforts e.g. 800m in an AMRAP style, Sweat Engine Session. If you’re unsure where to start, we recommend somewhere between 3-6 and fine tuning your sweet spot from there! - If these tips have helped you, please let us know! Tag @revl .training #REVLTraining 😄

last month

We’re all smiles here at REVL cause we have a new studio on it’s way!! 💥 Summer 2020 we’re coming for ya! 🙌 Can you guess our new location? #MoveSweatPerform #LevelUp   #REVLTraining #REVLCommunity

6 days ago

Community I can’t express how grateful and lucky I am to be a part of such an amazing community. Each and every week we are continuing to grow our family here @revl .training.neutralbay and our Friday Community Sessions are the perfect showcase for that! Today’s Session was as follows... Teams of 5 6000m Ski Erg (22 min cap ) - after each effort 10 burpees 10 mins Max Calorie Airbike - after each effort 200m run 12,000m Bike Erg (22 min cap ) - after each effort ‘Cindy’ *Cindy - 5 pull ups, 10 push ups, 15 air squats Seeing everyone rally around each other, pushing themselves and the people around them to their limits; whether they’ve just met or they are best mates and doing it all with a smile on their face gives me such fulfilment. Health and Fitness isn’t all about how fit you are or how many abs you have it’s about your relationships, community and mindset as well. I can confidently say that being a part of the @revl .training community has definitely boosted those aspects of my mental health and seeing it do the same for others is something truly special! #Community #Sweat #MoveSweatPerform #LevelUp   #REVLTraining #REVLCommunity @revl .training

3 weeks ago

Tuesday Sweat Sprint 💦 got us breathing nice and heavy! 😅 Our REVL program update, means not only have we periodised your Perform sessions, we’ve also designed the Sweat program so that you can see energy system development and progression week to week! In today’s workout, you should be aiming for around 30 seconds rest E3MOM, so pick a load that is challenging, yet comfortable enough that you can maintain your pace for all 6 rounds. E3MOM x 6 Rounds 15/20 cal Erg (Ski, Bike, Row ) 10 Burpees 5 DBall Squat + Lunge e/s E3MOM x 6 Rounds 200m Run 20 Alt. DB Snatch 10 Box Jump Let us know how you find this workout in the comments below! Work hard & earn your rest 👊 #MoveSweatPerform #LevelUp #REVLTraining #REVLCommunity

3 weeks ago

Hip Thrusts making their way into our PERFORM program! 💥   Building coordination and strength through hip extension, will stimulate glute development and directly transfer over to other compound lifts such as the squat, deadlift & bench press. For this reason, we include hip thrusts in our Perform Lower sessions as a supplementary exercise. After all, who doesn’t love a good hip thrust? 😉 The HT is a movement commonly performed incorrectly, so keep your eyes peeled for a tutorial dropping in the coming weeks 👊 #MoveSweatPerform #LevelUp #REVLTraining #REVLCommunity