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✨PROGRAM YOUR OWN MIND✨The brain perceives anything outside of itself as scary or untrue. The brain is quantum computer and is operating from what has been programmed within it since we first arrived to this planet(and before ). So if our brains are eating up information from television, politicians, the internet, conversations we have, our experiences, and each thing we see, we can conclude that things outside of our control or something intangible such as ghosts or spirits,can be quite fearful or spark cynicism within • • 🌍Is it possible that we are subconsciously looking for the programs that exist within our own mind in everyone we meet or through all information we seek? Are we truly open minded or have we been told/programmed what is acceptable to believe and feel for so many years that it deludes us from speaking out or being different because we’ve been programmed to fear that such a person would be rejected and ridiculed ?🌍 • • 🧠Free thinking is forming a thought on your own, without fear of the outcome, or without repeating what someone else has said. Some of your thoughts and wisdom comes passed down from ancestors, angels, and your own life experiences(even from other lifetimes ) it can very well be that there is a cellular or DNA memory that is tied to your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. Trust yourself and your thoughts/feelings first before repeating someone else’s beliefs or theories, you are powerful.🧠 • • 🌲you have a choice to what gets programmed into your brain. You are an adult and can choose what you want to learn, what you like and don’t like. Some fear change, fear intimacy, fear speaking their mind, based on their own experiences or absorption of fear based projections of family or friends🌲 • • 🔮If you don’t program your brain, someone or something else will. People will impose their beliefs, thoughts, opinions, and emotions onto you. It’s up to you to develop your own mind and thoughts so you can’t be controlled by anything. Knowledge of self. I wanted to write a little on this subject because free thinking is very important in these times. Expressing yourself freely is a divine right🔮 • Artwork: @goldnvee

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YES! Also thank you for 444 followers 🎉🥺 I've been sending everyone peace love and positive energy 💙🧿 Great things are coming✨! . . . #444 #angelnumbers #positivevibes #love #prosperity #fullmoonvibes #affirmationsoftheday

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❤️ this. Can any of you relate? What’s one thing you love about yourself? Let me know 🥰 ✨ @spiritschoolmagic Join one of our self guided courses, group energy healing meditations or inspirational experiences today! Link in bio or visit SpiritSchoolMagic.com #spiritschoolmagic #learntochannel #spiritguides #angelreadings #ReikiClasses #ReikiMaster #Archangels #Love #FreeMeditations #Meditation #Raisethevibetribe #healing #vibes #awareness #consciousness #higherself #higherfrequency #thirdeye #5thdimension #loveandlight #333 #444 #111 #wisdom #awake #inspirationalquotes

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This was the MAIN message in my original TEDtalk I gave long ago! The one thing I wish I could teach all Masters of Poetics (AL CHEM Alchemists ) This is the 🌹🐉 Way #444 #777 #333 🌀🧬

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4 RINGS VIDEO OUT NOW! 🌍 (link in bio ). AVAILABLE ON ALL STREAMING PLATFORMS TOO. the day that once seemed so far is here now and if you feel my form of expression prepare for what’s to come. I’m not a fish out of water i’m here to stay 🧘🏿‍♂️✌🏿💜 #parkthebus #4rings #superstarstatus #bigfish #444

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Vocês contaram quantos capa precisei da no carinha? O famoso vida infinita ❤️😂 - Salva o vídeo • • • • • • • • • • • • #freefirebrasil #freefiregame #freefireindo #freefirelatam #garenafreefire #blackn444 #garenaff #garenaoficial #444

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Um dia chego lá 🙏😾🔥 · · · · · · · · · · · #garenafreefire #333 #444 #loudgg 💚 #losgrandes #apelapato #arecsff @arecs .ff @apelapato @revelationsff @vraunelasz @thzimff @4keasyofc

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$80 INTUITIVE READINGS - NO TAROT CARDS NEEDED - LIMIT 1 HOUR CASH APP: $fourfacestarot ($20 DEPOSIT REQUIRED ) Intuitive Readings are messages from the Subconscious Mind. No tarot cards are needed because THIS IS A PSYCHIC MEDIUM SESSION. No need to tell me the situation out loud. #psychic #medium #spiritualawakening #spiritualjourney #thecollective #subconsciousmind #moon #aries #2020 #october #numbersequences #444 #555 #333 #angelnumbers #1111

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😤😤‼️💯🤷🏾‍♂️ Aye I don’t try to explain too much no more but if you know u know 👌🏾💯 And I peep everything I’m going through ok so 11:11 also is 4 with 44% battery 🔋!? #444 #1111 Can’t plan that.. seen 4:44 on the 22nd 2•2=4 again #4444 💯‼️ seen #1111 on the 16th 6+1=7 then the next day seen 1:11 with 16% 🔋 6+1=7 everybody know 7 is A lucky 🍀 number I do see 777 a lot but not as much as I see 444 or 4444 & lately 1111 been everywhere

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@GoddessTalkApp is growing. Grow with us. Download #GoddessTalkApp #LinkInMyBio #22 #222 #444 Happy Thursday Fam 💜 Love this clip from @minxdiva #Support her YouTube channel

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Me walking into the last three months of the year!! Happy October ✨ POWER.


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#AngelNumber #44 represents the #archangels . You are guided and watched over. Angel number 44 reduces to angel number #8 (4+4=8 ) Eight represents infinite abundance. Trust that your material needs are always taken care of. 😇 #angelovehub #angelsigns


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“Cry. Forgive. Learn. Move on. Let your tears water the seeds of your future happiness.”- Steve Maraboli.✨💖Art vía: @signsfromsource 🙌

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