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DDD TEXAS‼️ Blessed beyond measure ! UW alum X2 ! Carolina Panthers 🖤💙 Business Inquires: @casedonahue @teamifa

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20 hours ago

Eat or get ate‼️ #year1 #First48 #Orrboyz

3 weeks ago

Time to go to work with my dawgs ! Finally back to do what I truly love ! Let’s get it ! #KEEPPOUNDING

last month

Mi Familia ❤️🤗

last month

Happy Father’s Day 🐐 ! Lol it’s in the blood he got right at the end 🤣🤣🤣🤣

last month

My LeBron year gone be one for the books I promise ! Preciate all the B day love !!! God Bless !!❤️🤞🏿

Jun 2020

Wanted to shed some light on my life and a little of who I am, especially in times like we are now I think it’s important to clear your head a little and reflect on your life and how PRECIOUS it is. This post is a lil Graphic and long wanted to share why I’m so passionate about this game and life itself. The why is because I’ve had it taken away briefly and never want that experience again. I’ve seen one of my biggest motivators have it take away from him forever and I want to honor him whenever I’m on that field @zachary .orr when I say I’m starving I mean it if success was a meal I’ll eat it down to the gristle ! Keep working on whatever it is your dreams and goals are in life and you’ll achieve them ! God Bless !