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Gator Grad. 🧡💙🐊 Good vibes only. ✨🌺 Sports Fanatic. ☘️🏀🏐⚾️🎾🥊 Blessed and highly favored. 😌

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last month

Insurmountable beauty waiting to be discovered. He really showed off creating you. 🙏🏾🌎💚 • • #earthday #vibras

Feb 2020

Two months since I made that leap! Of course I am still not fully unpacked or settled in, but loving this new journey nonetheless and being closer to the water. 😌 Missin’ the swamp, seeing orange and blue EVERYWHERE 🧡💙 and double checking for scooters. 🛵 Melbourne (FL ) has been quite the transition for me and I intend to enjoy each and every thing it has to offer. 2020 will be a year of so many new beginnings. Continuing to stand firm on what carried me here....Colossians 3:23! 💪🏾🙏🏾😌

Feb 2020

My greatest memories, relationships, opportunities and experiences are all thanks to sports. Grateful for all the women who blazed the path and continue to do so. 🔥🙏🏾✊🏾 #leadherforward #ngwsd

Dec 2019

Cien fotos malas después. 🤓 📸 por: @tayl215

Nov 2019

Soo...I need to know...Florida-Georgia or Georgia-Florida? 🤔 On top of the trash talking, you already know what these guys said. 🐊🐶 #gators #dawgs

Oct 2019

✌🏾 out 24....hello 25. 😎 I am so late (not surprising ) but so extremely grateful. Thank you to everyone for all the birthday wishes! There was an immense amount of love and I could not have asked for anything more! I am so expectant for all the next year has in store. This past year was filled with so many good vibes, people, trips, memories, experiences and MORE! I’m ready for what’s to come! 🤩❤️⚡️🔥🙌🏾 #libraseason ♎️ #buenasvibras #birthday

Sep 2019

Your strong friends, your busy friends, the friend you may only get to communicate with on social media, your selfish friends, your “never wrong” friends, your always making questionable decisions friends, the “can’t get right” friends, the hot tempered friends, friends with a full time job and about three side hustles, your controlling friends, your obsessive friends, the friends who are hurting, the friends who act as though they are invencible, your worrisome friends, your friends trying to overcome a messed up past, friends living pay check to pay check, your friends who appear to “have it all figured it out”, your friends who seem like they don’t even have a clue, your single friends, your married “American dream” living with 2.5 kids and a medium sized dog friend, your divorced friends, your friends with wild ambition and your friends who may not know what tomorrow will bring... Pray for everybody under the sun who is doing this crazy, beautiful thing called life. It is hard. It is challenging. It is tiring. It is not promised. There are storms and set backs in every season. But honey, it is the most wonderful thing to reflect on and we are all worthy and entitled to walking it out to the fullest. Check on them, yes. But also encourage them, be light for them, lift them up. MALE OR FEMALE. We all have that friend or maybe we are that friend. Whoever needs to know it, BABY YOU GOT THIS! 🤘🏾💯 *Correction...friends ➡️ family ➡️ strangers. 🤟🏾 • • • #Pray #goodvibes #buenasvibras #Belove #bekind ⚡️✨

Aug 2019

I wish we didn’t need death to truly appreciate life or the time we have here on Earth. Thank you for being so genuine, helpful, friendly and authentic. I’m not sure I have ever met a bigger all around ATL sports fan and I am not sure I ever will. Blessed to have known just a little bit of you. Your potential in the sports world was insane. We will never know what could have been. But I will choose to remember the good and the joy you brought. I can hear your voice now saying “Hello Ms. Maxwell” at the #NABJ conferences, always so eager to talk and meet people and just have a good time. It was admirable to say the least. Thank you for being a light for others. You will be missed. I pray you are in a better place watching endless amounts of Atlanta sporting events. Rest in peace. 😓🙏🏾💔💯

Aug 2019

〰️SelfieSundayVibezzz〰️ • • • Forever makeup inspo: @tayl215 🤘🏾 #goodvibes #sundayfunday

Aug 2019

Second #NABJ and in my state. ☀️ 🌴I couldn’t have asked for a better time in Miami surrounded by so many dreams, aspirations, family but most of all...melanin! 🤤😍 I am leaving feeling so inspired and motivated. Shoutout to the vets and those who are finding their way. Praying for nothing but the best for each and every one of you on your journey. You are already well on your way!! Until next year! 🤘🏾 P.S someone please make me take my pictures in D.C 😅🙃📸

Jul 2019

Perú, te mereces todas las cosas buenas que Dios tiene en su planes. Cada uno ustedes son el futuro! 🇵🇪❤️😌 #unsoloperu

Jun 2019

Sending so many good vibes to everyone on this hot and steamy Saturday. Hoping you are doing things that make YOU happy surrounded by those who stimulate joy and growth. It may be the first day of June but your mental health always takes priority. Every day, of every month. Enjoy your weekend lovlies. 😌💚⚡️ #goodvibes #buenasvibras #summer

May 2019

Nobody: Me: Snack time anybody? 🍪🥛

May 2019

Nothing like an early morning beach workout and a few yoga poses to get the day started off right! 💪🏾 I found I have developed so much more flexibility practicing yoga, despite how difficult it has been. The benefits have been amazing for my hips and knees. 🙌🏾 Unlike lifting weights, building muscle strength takes about 3-6 weeks, while one pose has taken me months to learn how to hold. (A continuous work in progress that canMt be rushed ). I appreciate yoga so much more now, in addition to the calmness I have. Between that and the cool wind of the beach there was so much peace and good vibes flowing...so many I posted my bare-beach-face. 😅 Happy Saturday familia❗️ • • • • #buenasvibras #yoga #yogi #growth #beachvibez

Apr 2019

Flash back to the past few months. 💫 I am forever grateful God placed me in an arena I never once thought I would step foot in (literally and figuratively ). This past season was one to remember. Blessed to have been around people who pushed me and were open to my ideas. The tired, stressed out, and “why am I doing this” days mean nothing in hindsight. But the growth, experience, and opportunity have meant everything. The season didn’t end the way we wanted, but boy was it fun to watch the process. Needless to say...hockey has gained a new fan! 💯 Boston has my heart...soo @nhlbruins take this thing all the way! 💛🖤 Just when I think I’m in control of everything, God says “yeah okay...watch this!” 😅 Excited to see what’s next! The best is yet to come! 👊🏾💥 • • • #grateful #letsgoicemen #hockey #hockeyinthesouth #goodvibes #blessings #thrivingandsurviving #fbf

Apr 2019

Great message. Great people. Great love. Great grace. Greater God. Forever grateful to experience and share his goodness and mercy. Today was a good day. ✝️=💜🙌🏾 • • #resurrectionsunday #eastersunday #heisrisen #heisalive #workyourtwo

Apr 2019

Not pictured: Assignments due, essays to type, quizzes to take, videos to edit, places to be, people to see, a bedroom that’s so messy its unrecognizable, groceries to buy, meals to prep, clothes to wash, workouts to be done (for my sake and everyone else’s ), budgeting, etc. Emotions: Overwhelmed, anxious, sleepy, tired, constantly questioning if I am doing the right things, juggling life like a circus act, thoughts of how I can’t let anyone down, looking at what everybody else is doing/thinking, being so busy and feeling distant from friends and family. Reality: Choosing to be perfectly okay with where I am NOW. This life is not in my hands but He who has a greater plan than I can ever fathom. No more comparison, no more doubting.🙅🏾‍♀️ On January 1, 2019 I told myself, my theme all year long would be INTENTIONAL and PRESENT. In life and with myself. God, family, friends, work, school, and self care. I WILL BE INTENTIONAL and I WILL BE PRESENT. And I’m counting it all joy baby! Sometimes I need stop thinking about the future or past and be reminded of where my feet are. 😏🤩👏🏾✊🏾🤸🏾‍♂️⚡️Can anybody else relate? Happy Friday Eve Family! P.S life updates coming soon! 💯😇 • • • • #positivity #vibes #goodvibes #buenasvibras #personalgrowth #boxbraids #melanin

Nov 2018

🚨LONG POST ALERT🚨 With all the brokenness and darkness in this world, now more than ever I want to be a light like God has called each and every one of us to be. Summer 2019 I will be traveling to Peru with members of @myalivechurch via @missionsme as the hands and feet of the Lord. I am beyond excited to be a blessing to others and show them God’s unwavering love, goodness and mercy. As excited as I am, I will need a little assistance. If you feel it in your heart, I’m asking for donations (including prayers, and well wishes. ) This is a major step out of my comfort zone but I know maximum growth of any kind is not comfortable, but well worth it in the end. I didn’t know what God was preparing me for when I went to the Dominican Republic two years ago to serve in schools with children. An experience that I will never forget and still warms my heart to this day. ❤️ Now, Peru in 2019! So ready to see what He has planned! ☺️🙌🏾🌸✨ • • • • • • *Link in my bio!* #Peru2019 #Growth #Serve #allcreationwaits #movingforward #love #lovedoes #everybodyalways

Sep 2018

Enjoying some of the fruits of my labor. 😌😎🤙🏾🌸🌊🌞 • • • #LaborDay18 #labordayweekend #beachvibes #goodvibes #buenasvibras#backtothegrind #vitaminsea

Aug 2018

Growing up I loved Saturday’s because...well no school of course. But now that I am a little older I just adore Sunday’s. Not only is it the Lord’s day but it’s also a day to reflect before the hectic week starts back up. Today, I reflect back on these last two weeks and they have been so incredibly amazing words cannot explain. From being surrounded by so much beautiful, intelligent melanin to being in a new city. I have a completely different perspective on not only sports journalism, but life. I feel so incredibly motivated to challenge myself to think differently in all aspects of life. I am so grateful for the experience and connections made. I loved seeing and meeting so many strong, uplifting black people killing the journalism game. Upset I didn’t attend years ago but....better late than never. Now it’s marked on my calendar every year from here on out! ✅📆✊🏾 . . . . #Blackmagic 💫 #Blackjounalists #Journalism 🎦 #ReflectionSunday #nabjdetroit #blessedlife #melanin

Aug 2018

Crossin over from the “D” to The Heat...☀️🌴🌸🌺 #NABJ18 #NABJMiami19

Jun 2018

If you know me you know I’m a mama’s girl but God knows there’s nothing like a father’s love. Thank you for being perfectly imperfect and showing me so much love. Thank you for showing me what confidence looks like and teaching me that the blacker the berry the sweeter the juice! 😏 I look back now and realize how fortunate I was (and still am ) to have as my biggest fan and constantly in my ear telling me I’m beautiful, smart, and capable of anything I put my mind to. You have set the bar so high. Fellas, THIS is your competition...no pressure. 😅🤷🏾‍♀️👊🏾💥 Happy Father’s Day to all the amazing dads out there! 💕

May 2018

Rise and shine everybody it’s hump day BUT more importantly ☝🏾...it’s my best friend’s first day of work at her big girl job! Cliché or not....they say you meet your forever friends in college and I can say I have met mine! I am so proud of you and so happy you stayed the course. God has brought you through so many obstacles to get you to where you are now—graduation, your own apartment, and a job! You trusted him when things seemed like they would never go right now continue to trust in him while things are going well. 🙏🏾 Thank you for being my best friend and reminding me not to take life too seriously. Three graduations down one more to go! Te quiero mucho bella! 😊🎓🌺 #WCW #independentwoman #bestfriendgoals

Apr 2018

To my dearest friend and beautiful bride, words cannot express how incredibly happy I am for you. To have had you as a friend for half my life...I must say I am truly blessed. I am so happy God put you and James in each other’s life because you are the definition of a match made in heaven. I pray for so many heartfelt laughs, joy, good health and many successful hunting ventures. 🦆🐗🦃 Today was an amazing testament of the love between the two of you and the love of those around you.....and apparently the love people had for me! 😅😜 Congratulations lovely, I am so happy for you! My heart is so full. 💕💍👰🏻🤵🏻🥂🎉 #TheHowells #happilyeverafter