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5 days ago

I know it’s super late @yaleiratorres but you know I’m just busy all the time! That does not take away from how proud of you I am for your accomplishments! I’m happy I was able to spend some time with you this weekend and give you a mini graduation ceremony because you deserve that and so much more! Congrats grad 2020! I love you! 😘

5 days ago

Happy birthday to Andrew this past weekend! My baby boy is 2!!! I love my boys! But baby girl is on the way!! 31 weeks 😊 #boysmom #expecting #babygirl

Feb 2020

Happy birthday to me!!! #28

Feb 2020

1st Bridal Brunch! I’m so excited!! #galindopartyof2 my baby bump starting to show 😛

Nov 2019

I saw you meet, care, and fall deeply in love with each other. I’m so happy you have decided to celebrate that love and allow me the honor of being a part of that. I love you guys so much and I can’t wait for October 3, 2020!! #galindopartyof2 @anaama12 @mr_dmr

Nov 2019

Halloween 2019 🎃 #Blackknight #Fortnite #babyvampire

Oct 2019

Had such a wonderful time with everyone last night! Congratulations to the lovely couple!! #TNT4LIFE I wish you all the best and may your love be everlasting!

Oct 2019

I live for these two 🥰 #7yearsold #16monthsold

Sep 2019

Peach picking with the family! Celebrating our 9 year wedding anniversary 🥰❤️ #family #9yearsstrong #loveofmylife

Sep 2019

Sep 2019

Such a nice family bbq to celebrate AJ’s 7th birthday! Thank u for the gifts and well wishes! #happybirthdayAJ #7yearsold #theygrowupsofast

Aug 2019

Happy Birthday to my wonderful boy! 7 years old now! I can’t believe how fast that went! All I can say is how much I want to keep enjoying him and living him because next thing I know he’s going to be 18! 😂🥰 I love you AJ! To the moon and back!

Jul 2019

Mi sonido favorito!! #puertorico #laisladelencanto 🇵🇷 #elcoqui 🐸

Jul 2019

In love 😍 #puertorico #sunset #laisladelencanto 🇵🇷🐸

Jul 2019

Current view 😍 #utuado #puertorico #laisladelencanto 🇵🇷🐸

Jul 2019

Thank you so much @sambluetattoo !! I absolutely love my first ink! You made it almost painless and you were so amazing to me! Thanks again! Until next time 😁😜

May 2019

My wonderful baby boy turned 1 😊

May 2019

To top off this great day of amazing accomplishment, it’s also my beautiful son’s 1st birthday!!!! Happy Birthday to my wonderful 1 year old! I’m so happy to have been able to accomplish my goals with two wonderful kids. I’m so grateful to be able to share my son’s birthday and my graduation day all in one! #happybirthday #firstbirthday #SBUGRADUATE #MSW

May 2019

And I cannot thank my sisters and my sister-in-law enough for their support and dedication to me through the last 5 years of my journey!! #MSW #Graduate

May 2019

Of course I have to thank God for giving me the opportunity and the support to be able to accomplish my goals! Next is my family! My beautiful children and my wonderful husband that I would not have been able to do any of this without! I love you so much! 😘

May 2019

It’s a great day 😊 #gradschool #graduate #MSW

May 2019

With these girls through it all! I love you n I’m going to miss what we thought was endless torment with assignments and papers! 😩 but look at us now! Thank you all for being there when I needed ya the most! I appreciate every one of you in distinct ways! You will all be amazing social workers! Congratulations to us!!! #MSW2019 #SBUGrad #MastersinSocialWork #advocate

Oct 2018

My 6 year old and my 5 month old! I love my boys 😍