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5 hours ago

I’m so so in love with my new MacBook layout 🤍 stay tuned for Friday’s video to find out how I customize my Mac ✨ Share some tips below if you have any- have a great day!


1, 2, 3 or 4? 🤍 Long time, no selfie. Just uploaded a new video on my yt channel, go check it out when you get the chance ((:

2 days ago

Happy Sunday 🤍 Very much needed quote to end/start my week. Their a times when I feel super unmotivated and times when I feel like I can do anything. I hope that whatever you do, do not stop. Keep going and reach your goals/dreams. You are one step closer. Everyday is a new day! Remember to take it easy on yourself too. Love yourself. You can do anything. You are a badass.

4 days ago

goals for A U G U S T 🤍 ✰ be happyᵕ̈ ✰ live life ✰ hit over 75k+ beautiful people on yt ✰ grow more on insta- 5k followers! ✰ & do what’s best for you! What are your goals for August?

6 days ago

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR 50K SUBSCRIBERS ON YOUTUBE 🤍- So so grateful! Y’all seriously mean the world to me! I know, I know! Every “youtuber”/“influencer” always say that. Seriously! We genuinely mean it from the bottoms of our heart. You guys are literally the best! Y’all make my heart so warm and filled with love. Thank you for the unconditional love and support 🤍I can’t wait to continue growing with you all! I love you all sm- I will never forget you all!

1 weeks ago

n e w v i d e o coming out tomorrow! (SPOILER- it’s a clothing haul ) Entire fit from @prettylittlething 🤍 Want to introduce my fav pair of mom jeans at the moment ✨

2 weeks ago

This towel wrap is one of the best purchase I have made recently from @target 🤍 PSA- going live in about 2 hours, are you watching tonight? 🤩

2 weeks ago

1 or 2? ✨ ~ hoping to go for more of a warm blissful theme on my ig. Fingers cross I stick to it this time 😅 Entire fit from @yesstyle 🤍 use code “ANGELINA10” for 10% off your order!

3 weeks ago

1, 2, 3, or 4? 🌼 Deleted the last post because I didn’t like the edit lol

4 weeks ago

1 or 2? 🦋☕️✨ What’s your fav back to school vids?

4 weeks ago

~ new empty apartment tour up on my channel 🏠📦🤍

last month

1, 2, or 3? 🍑🍊🧡✨ top & bucket hat from @yesstyle ~ use code “ANGELINA10”

last month

Cutest handbag ever 🖤are you a small purse gal or big/tote gal? bag is from @teddy_blake 👜

last month

1, 2, or 3 🍓 @teamiblends #teamipartner Did you know that portable blender exists??? Such a handy device that has been added to my everyday needs. I always grab my Mixit blender whenever I go workout at the park or go for a run. This handy device blends my fav smoothie in just seconds. Get your Mixit blender while supply last 🤩you won’t regret it! ~ 20% code : KHANG20

last month

#21 🥂🤍✨ ~ so grateful to see another year! Again, thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday. Cheers to being 21 🥂✨

last month

turning the big 21 tomorrow 🥂 ~ thank you to everyone for the early birthday wishes 🥳 I love you guys so much 🤍✨

last month

Life is full of possibili-TEA ~ entire fit from @yesstyle 🌈 use code “ANGELINA10” for $$$ off!

last month

1, 2, or 3? 🧸☁️ entire fit from @yesstyle use code “ANGELINA10” ✨

Jun 2020

Smiles are always in fashion 😇 ~ I just uploaded a summer glow up transformation on my yt channel. Go check it out when you get the chance 🌈have a great day ☺︎︎

Jun 2020

🦋🌈 ~ hi it’s been a min since I last posted on here! How are you doing? ☺︎︎

May 2020

“If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have choose the side of the oppressor.” It’s time to speak up, it’s time for a change. Use your voice and your platform, no matter how big or how small. Staying silence is not the answer. I want to do my part and spread awareness about this issue since it has been going on for way too long. There needs to be a change. It’s time to listen, learn, educate ourselves, and actively show up for our Black friends. Sign the petition by texting ‘FLOYD’ to 55156. Link in bio to donate. #blacklivesmatter #justiceforgeorgefloyd

May 2020

thank you for 35k subscribers 💫 let’s get to 50k soon 💓 I love you all sm!!!