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Oct 2019

Thank you guys and girls so much. The Puerto rico.... band @yosoyelpeke We have a name in 🇵🇷

Aug 2019

Wanted to let the world know that its my beautiful girlfriend soon to be my babymoms birthday. You change my life. Dont know how to thanks you. Promise to give you the world and everything in it. Always be here for you no matter what. Weaaaaa. 32 years of more health, happiness ,wealth and more Weaaaa. You mean the world to me.

Jul 2019

36 Years old today! I'm very grateful for everything I have and who I came to be."PILAS" I want to thanks my beautiful girl @mala_rabiosa for keeping me happy in everyway. And for my future son is the most priceless gift I could get today. Again thanks to family, all my musician friends, hood niggas,fans, for all the love and support to me and my team #musicgeekz #mgzjackets #rockstar #humble #88gang #trapny #onlyus .... thanks god for life.. que nota #36

Feb 2019

The rockstars are headed to Chitown!!! 🎸🎸🎶🎶 We up @volkannightclub tonight. Dont miss out 🎥🎥🎥 #musicgeekz #trapsny #nyc #worldwide #xtremereunion #fortheculture #money #success #goals #instapic #instafollowers #musicians #producers #artists #bachata #allgenres #rockstars #uuwee

Nov 2018

This is want Thanksgiving is about family!

Nov 2018


Sep 2018

Omg! This is strictly fire and od swing!! My niggas @alajazaofficial @mjkingslap @bigga .marley @iam_busta_drumz @papolinsax if I forgot ur ig sorry but I know what's dope n what's swing. I seen this like 100x que nota mete mano #rockstar

Sep 2018

Today is a sad day for my wifey family. Her dad pass away yesterday night. Word can explain how I feel😪.thank you jaime for accepting me in your family and for always having love for me. I promise to take care of your daughter. May God bless your soul. R.I.P. 1/11/34-9/21/18

Aug 2018


May 2018

May 2018

New video @dondvoice jacket by @mgz_jackets

Apr 2018

This was a productive week! #mgz_jackets making moves.

Mar 2018

I usually don't post videos up, but I was going through my phone and I found this. This is called having energy having chemistry having talent. Miss playing with my brothers🤘💪🎶🛫 @bxmuzik_geek @bigga .marley #rockstar #musicgeekz

Jan 2018

Happy birthday to my best freind n mentor in music @jtraxxnyc . May god bless you with many more years and more money. I known you since I was a little kid and you never change with me thank you for always being the friend. #rockstar #musicgeekz #humble

Dec 2017

My nigga Manny Sr. Thanks for always making me n @mjkingslap_extra better musician and teaching us about the music game. I will never forget when you invited me to the park on July 4th it was a Priceless moment. The dopest jam session I ever had in my life. Bless your heart and soul. You will be miss never forgotten. R.I.P. you're family! 😢 # percussionist #rockstar #musicgeekz

Nov 2017

Don't be mad #mgz #earlyxmas

Oct 2017

This was a video shoot with Toby and a remeber my nigga pat was making mad jokes that day. I'm in shock. I knew he had a stroke but didn't knew it was bad. Pat was my roommate Toby days. I love in my nigga. May u Rest In Peace. 😢. I feel wack I didn't see u when Toby called me that that with u in the Hospital. I just came back from Europe around that time. Miss u my brother pat 😭 lost of word!

Oct 2017

Happy birthday to my beautiful older sister @melissagwow (ms. Social worker ). May God bless you with many more years of health, funds,and more vacation and more beverages lol. Hope you reach your goals and more. Mad love for you always I really look up to you. #rockstar

Oct 2017

#mgz_jacket For Sale DM me for more info #musicgeekz #rockstar Jpilas27 @gmail .com

Oct 2017

On stage in Baltimore

Sep 2017

Real Talent @yosoyelpeke @jtraxxnyc I love how that song start cono! Wish I was in Puerto Rico with my nigga yesterday #musicgeekz #rockstar